Luke Lazarus’ Top 2020 Marketing Trends

Luke Lazarus managed to become financially independent at just 33 years old after successfully starting, running, and selling four different companies. He accomplished all of this just nine years after earning his MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was 24. Today, Luke spends much of his time working as a consultant rather than a business owner himself. In particular, Luke works with new and failing companies that need a little extra help in order to push boundaries and become a permanent figure in the market.

His primary expertise involves identifying the problems within a company, building marketing strategies, and building company value. The point here is, when it comes to business startups and market trends, Luke Lazarus is the man to see. He perfected this skill early on in his career and it really paid off. Now he has hundreds of clients seeking him out for his insight and startup value. Luke has recently talked about what he thinks will be some of the biggest trends of 2020 and here are his top five. 

Mobile Payments

Mobile pay is perhaps one of the biggest trends that all experts can agree will continue to flourish. As it becomes more mainstream, people are continuing to switch over to mobile payment methods because of how quick and easy it is versus making calls or pulling out a debit card to read numbers. In the United States alone, the mobile payments industry is expected to reach a cap of 220 billion dollars by the end of 2019 alone. 

Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media is old news, but the methods in which people are using these platforms to market their brands are continually developing and changing depending on the needs of the consumers. Instagram, in particular, has become an enormous platform for social advertising that has risen to levels on par with Facebook. With billions of active users each month, social media platforms offer the perfect space for getting directly involved with consumers. 


While Instagram has been around for a while now, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that it really started to pick up the pace and become one of the biggest contenders in the social media industry. More than one billion people are actively using Instagram each month, with 60 percent of them taking interest in discovering new products that they like. That’s roughly 600 million users that are willing to consider buying new products through this social platform. It’s safe to say there is enough marketing room to go around for anyone willing to put in the work and the research.

Content Interactivity

The ability to make deeper interactions with technology and various devices we people use today has become all the rage. From virtual reality to 360-degree videos that users can interact with however they want. Not only does this new interactive content provide a more engaging experience for users, but many brands are using it in their marketing campaigns today to target new audiences they previously couldn’t engage with. 

Voice Recognition

According to studies, more than 20 million individuals will be using voice recognition devices in 2020, and that is just in the United States. Smart speech makes it easy for people to get out what they need to say so their device can provide them with what they want. Google Home has seen progress and the Amazon Echo is in millions of homes around the country with some of the most advanced smart speech that people have access to today. Voice searches account for nearly 50 percent of all searching done off the screen in the US. 

As mentioned in the beginning, Luke Lazarus is confident that these top five marketing trends are likely to pay off in 2020. If interested in working with Mr. Lazarus, feel free to check out the following video.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.