Must-Have Tech For Mobile Entrepreneurs

As technology allows you to connect with others in real time, you no longer need a physical presence to run a business. Whether you are a full-time freelancer or own your own company, remote work can be your new normal. This lifestyle gives you the freedom to travel, explore, and work from where you are.

With the right technology, working as a mobile entrepreneur can be as efficient as possible. You can post faster, connect quicker, and stay more organized in general. Whether you are driving across the country in a van or jet setting across the world, the following are some basic pieces of gear to keep your business going.

Backup batteries

As any traveler knows, you can’t predict when you’ll have access to outlets. This is why you should have quality backup batteries and charging technology when running your business on the go. Find a portable charger that can power up your phone. You should also consider buying one for your laptop, so you can work from anywhere without worry. Just be sure to charge your batteries and portable chargers whenever you have the chance.

Portable WiFi

When you are running a business or freelancing remotely, you can’t always rely on WiFi at coffee shops. Some establishments will simply have weak signals or no signal at all. A portable WiFi port can keep you covered no matter where you are. Many of these devices operate through a SIM card, providing your devices with mobile data. You can also buy models that plug into a wired network and provide signal to your devices.

Signal booster

WiFi isn’t the only signal you need to worry about as a mobile entrepreneur. You need to be able to take meetings on the road, so a strong phone signal is a must. However, you might lose this signal when working in nature or remote locations. This is why a commercial cell phone booster is a must. This technology can keep you connected in any location, so you never need to miss a meeting due to weak signal.

Project management software

Even though you don’t have a physical office space, you can create a virtual one to stay organized. Project management and communication tools can organize your work and help you communicate with employees and clients. You can keep track of deadlines and group all project notes in one location. These tools will help you stay reliable and build your reputation as a mobile entrepreneur. They will also be helpful if you hire remote employees to work on your team. Your virtual office is key to getting you in the mindset to be productive, so consider which tools can support your line of work each day.

A quality bag

As you build your virtual office and purchase tools to boost your productivity, it will be important to keep your gear safe. This is especially key if you are moving through airports, living out of a van, or hopping between hotels. While it might not be a piece of technology, a high quality bag is a must-have for all mobile entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a backpack or a tote, the bag should have padded compartments and a waterproof lining. You should also have a lock on each zipper to prevent theft.

With the right tools, you can stay productive as a mobile entrepreneur. You can take meetings from remote locations and complete your work as if you have an office. Your clients will trust you and you can build your reputation, paving the way for other digital nomads.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.