Business Proposal Templates and How They’re Important When Pitching To A New Client

Business proposals are a crucial part of almost all potential transactions. As a business owner, the proposal is the main avenue for you to let your client know what your company can provide, and how you can help your client with their specific needs. Fortunately, business proposal templates are nowadays available online in order to facilitate the process of crafting a proposal for you. Here’s how such templates are important when you’re pitching to new clients:

  1. Speed is essential to landing deals.

When you’re transacting with new clients, remember that you may be competing with other companies that they may have already worked with in the past. In order for you to stand out as a potential contender, you have to be able to submit your proposal in the shortest possible time without sacrificing quality. When you make use of a Qwilr business proposal template, you cut back on all the time wasted designing an attractive proposal. The template designers do all that for you already. All you have to do is decide on which template you’ll use and which will highlight your company’s features and services.

  1. A business proposal template can guide you in explaining thoroughly, using effective visual aids and relevant attachments.

In most situations, using words and numbers alone may not be enough for you to deliver what you’d want the client to see and understand. In order for you to make a good impression, you may need to show images, videos, and links to your website. These details help your client see your concept even if you’re not physically in front of them to explain all these details firsthand.

You may maximize visual aids and graphics to enhance your proposal, no matter what the nature of your business may be. Whether you’re in the field of construction, events design, or software development, you may take advantage of clear and effective graphics to market your company in your proposal. Following a proposal template ensures that you make use of the best visual aids in your pitch.

Moreover, your proposal will be received by a handful of people on the client’s side—from the purchasing, technical, and finance departments. When you work with a template to write your proposal, you’re assured that your document will easily be understood by any reader with varying levels of technical understanding. Template designers have created proposal templates for readability and maximum understanding.

In addition to visual aids such as videos and images, additional items that are useful for the evaluation of the client are the ever-reliable spreadsheets with tables and charts. A business proposal template enables you to attach detailed cost estimates and schedules, which will definitely impress your new clients and give them the idea that you really took the proposal seriously and appended all the relevant details.

  1. Business proposals made using templates may be viewed on any device.

In the age of smartphones and 24/7 connectivity, you get the chance to reach your clients anytime and anywhere. When sending proposals based on templates, you may rest assured that your clients can open these and evaluate your offer on any device that they have with them at the time. Your clients may check the proposal on their laptops when they’re at their offices, or on their phones or tablets if they’re on the road or out of the office.

  1. Following a template enables you to include interactive quotes in your proposal.

In traditional business proposals, the final amount declared in the quote is fixed based on a set of variables that you and the client agree upon beforehand. If you want to give the client a variety of scenarios, you’d have to prepare and submit multiple quotes with different options and your client will end up with a pile of cost estimates that they’d have to evaluate one at a time.

When you use business proposal templates, you may offer the client interactive quotes wherein they can add or remove the options that they want. The proposal would then automatically compute the total costs in real time. In this way, you give the client the freedom to modify the proposal to meet their requirements, cutting back on the time consumed in back-and-forth communication. With greater efficiency in your proposal presentation, you further improve the chance of closing the deal with your new client.

  1. You’ll be notified immediately once your client has viewed your business proposal.

Aside from impressive proposals, a critical part of you closing the deal with a new client is your follow-up and timing. Your clients all lead busy lifestyles, and evaluating your proposal may be sidelined by other projects and tasks. Once your potential client opens your proposal, you’ll be updated right away. This gives you the signal that you may give them a call soon to follow up on their decision or open up the floor for further discussions. On your end, immediate notification removes the guesswork of when to call your clients about their decision or feedback on your proposal.


Closing a deal with a new client depends heavily on how you prepare and present your business proposal. At such an early stage of negotiations, you set the tone with how well-prepared your proposals are. Fast-track the entire process by maximizing the use of templates, which have all been carefully crafted to help business owners land pitches successfully.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.