Monthly Small Business Roundup (August 2014)

Hey peeps!  Here are some of the latest and greatest in small business news and entrepreneurship from around the web. Enjoy!  


Need to setup a social media outreach strategy? Here’s a guide that shows you how to do it….

Here are five steps to building a personal brand

Here are 3 signs you are ready to hire your first employee


Marketing and Sales

Here are 9 ways to improve your email deliverability

Are you using content marketing in your business? Here are 8 ways to triple your content output and traffic

Learn how to use google to get customers for free


Social Media

Here are 3 reasons you need social media advertising

Here is a list of 23 creative ways to publish social media updates

Learn 7 twitter marketing tips to improve your results


Small Business Technology

Find out how mobile search can work for your business

Here are 4 essential tech tools for project management

Heres 6 tips for designing an effective responsive website 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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