Managing Employees that are Going Through Personal Turmoil

Management at a company of any size is going to have an employee at a certain point go through personal turmoil. The event occurring at a small business is going to be far more difficult to make up for than at a large corporation. Keeping this person productive while also being sensitive to their needs as a human being will require a delicate balance. Long-term employees going through a tough time are far more likely to stay with a company if they feel like they were taken care of. Resentment can boil up among other staff which needs to be thwarted as all employees in the same situation would be treated similarly. Below are tips for each personal disaster a person could be encountering to manage them in a sensitive way while keeping them productive.


Divorce is a fact of life for a large number of people but this by no means makes this an easy process. The most important thing that can be done is to have your employee reach out to a divorce attorney. Doing this can allow them to get ready both personally and financially to go through this process. Whether they are looking for a Greenville, NC divorce attorney, or one in Raleigh it is important to opt for a firm with experience. Allowing an employee to work remotely or take a few hours off with short notice can allow them to meet with their legal representation. Doing this during business hours will not create any suspicion from a partner that is anticipating divorce.

Financial Ruin

The stock market can lead people to financial ruin as industries commonly see huge drops in revenue due to political reasons or technology that has been developed. An employee could be heavily invested in a company that sees sanctions from multiple government bodies and is stuck in court hemorrhaging money for years. A small business can allow the employee to make extra money by picking up extra hours. Another option is to dole out work to them to complete from home weather it is organizational work or an assignment that would have been given to a freelancer. The extra money and attempt to help a person through their financial issues is not a gesture that will be forgotten.

Death in the Family

Remote working has become far more common than in the past due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They need to be with family after a death and this needs to be handled in a sensitive manner. A company policy of a few days off per year in case of a death in the family can work wonders. A person might have used their PTO only to have a close family member die a few weeks later. Employees cannot control when death will occur but allowing them to work from wherever they need to travel can be important. Do not worry about their production numbers during these days the employee will likely make up for the work once they return to the office. Expectations still need to be set for remote work which is something that needs to be covered with the entire company.

Dealing with a Troubled Teenager

The need to leave home to deal with a teenager that has gotten into trouble at school or with the police is devastating. The fact that a large number of people in the office will know what the situation is can be embarrassing. Teens can get involved with the wrong friends or might not have enough supervision due to the need for both parents to work. Troubled teens can make it difficult to rely on an employee but allowing them to work remotely during suspensions from school can work wonders. Understanding during these trying times will only make for a more loyal employee that will work hard.

As you can see there are more ways than ever before with technology to allow our employees to handle their work and personal issues simultaneously. Employees want to be personally valued by a company they work for so deliver in this aspect by managing personal turmoil appropriately.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.