MAGFAST Extreme: The Revolutionary New Charger With Qi Wireless Technology

MAGFAST recently introduced the MAGFAST Extreme, a revolutionary new charger that uses Qi wireless charging technology. With this latest innovative MAGFAST charger, consumers can charge multiple devices at the same time with ease, speed, and security. What makes the MAGFAST charging system unique is its ability to charge everything, from your smartwatch to your tablet, and even jump-start your car.


Multiple Portable Charging Options

MAGFAST Extreme charging system gives you multiple options for your charging needs:

  • Three Qi wireless bases
  • Built-in MAGFAST Family cable
  • 2 USB-C and 3 USB-A charging ports
  • PD Power Delivery
  • 12V outlet

“We wanted to bring a new class of power bank to consumers that [would] truly take charging to the next level,” CEO and founder Seymour Segnit said in a release. “MAGFAST Extreme is not only the world’s first power bank to charge three phones wirelessly simultaneously, but it has so much power it can jump-start your car. And it’s gorgeous too.”

Eliminate the need for messy, cumbersome charging cables with the latest technology to disrupt the wireless charging market. What’s more, the MAGFAST Extreme features a sleek design that adds beauty to its world-class functionality. The mini-charging cable is built into the device and is replaceable, adding sustainable industrial design that will last long after lesser products have gone to landfill.

You can even use the device to jump-start. Using the optional jumper cables MAGFAST Extreme’s 500-amp battery can jump start your car – and up two dozen of your neighbors’ – on a single charge.

MAGFAST’s patent-pending design beautifully combines a perfect magnetic pull with a family-safe, low-voltage connection to make charging a snap. “We are committed to delivering a revolutionary product that will transform customers’ charging experience at home and on the go,” Segnit said. “We can’t wait to get these amazing chargers into customers’ hands.”


Discover the Benefits of Wireless Power Charging

MAGFAST Extreme and the company’s other charging products are designed with the user in mind. Simplicity, effective functionality, low-impact storage, and ease of use allow the MAGFAST family of chargers to stand out. There are many benefits of wireless power charging with MAGFAST, including:

  • Device-agnostic design: MAGFAST products are designed to work great with any phone, tablet, or reader, regardless of operating system or brand.
  • Fast connection: Because of the mini-cable built into the device, you can eliminate the hassle of untangling, connecting, and securing charging cables. Magnets make device connections fast and simple.
  • Simple sharing: A portable wireless charging station is convenient, and with MAGFAST Extreme, you’ll charge up to three devices wirelessly at the same time.
  • Family connections: The MAGFAST product line is designed to be compatible; every component is built to work beautifully with every other.

Meet the MAGFAST Family of Chargers

MAGFAST Extreme is one of a growing line of MAGFAST chargers for all of your power needs. MAGFAST’s product line includes:

  • MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch charging.
  • MAGFAST Life, a pocket-sized charger power bank with built-in swappable cables for Qi wireless charging and USB-A and USB-C charging ports.
  • MAGFAST Road, which features a built-in flashlight and six USB outlets, providing plenty of power options for everyone who’s along for the ride.

Learn more about MAGFAST on Crunchbase.

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