Low-budget Marketing is Now Possible

Low-budget marketing is a dream of every business owner. They say that the real professionalism of the marketer is to bring the company (product) to the market without a budget at all or with the minimum cash. The truth is that nowadays one can spend lots of money on advertising without any visible results. Instead, you can utilize low-budget marketing tactics that will certainly help to develop your company and bring it to a completely new level. Let’s have a look at what we are talking about. 


What attracts almost all people? A possibility to win something! A great decision for those companies looking for attracting a new audience is to team up with other brands and create a giveaway. With the help of it, it is possible to collect data of people (e-mails) and use it afterward. 


Exhibitions of goods are a good chance to present yourself in your own market among your partners and target audiences. It is not necessary to buy an expensive place and place lots of expensive objects there. Be more creative – push the boundaries of your fantasy. There are many other ways to present yourself at the exhibition and distribute your contacts. Carefully study the proposal of the organizer of the exhibition, the platform where the exhibition will take place – look for opportunities for a low-budget “performance.”


Blogs have become one of the most popular tools for marketing due to a number of factors. By publishing content on its own resource, the company attracts new people without spending too much. After all, each cent spent on creating content will constantly work for the brand, while investments in advertising (which may be rather expensive) bring only short-term results.

The blog makes it possible for the brand to interact with the audience at each stage of the consumer journey. The company can shape the needs of future customers and manage their behavior with the help of a blog. 

In addition, blogs are among the most convenient search marketing tools. Firstly, they attract organic traffic due to a wide semantic core. This increases resource search ratings. Finally, the blog allows the company to communicate with potential and existing customers in real-time.


Understanding that communication is one of the low-budget keys to success is essential. When buying goods/services online, people are uncertain sometimes whether they need those or not. Besides, they are afraid of fraud. Your task is to answer all the questions your clients may ask. 

If you communicate with customers every day, be patient even in the most difficult cases – it is better to thoroughly understand the issue and offer competent advice rather than let the client go without solving his problem.

When you need to explain something important to the client, use simple language (especially if you see the person doesn’t fully understand you). If you do not know thoroughly how your company’s product works, you will not be able to help the client in a difficult moment, which will make all your efforts useless.


Customer reviews are an effective marketing tool because they form the opinion of the target audience of your company and influence its image and prestige greatly.

To receive feedback that will show you are an expert, it is necessary to ask the client a number of questions. For this purpose, it is possible to organize a meeting, ask the client to answer via e-mail, or conduct a telephone interview. There is a list:

  • From where did you learn about our company?
  • Why you have chosen us?
  • What difficulties did you face when choosing goods/services?
  • What details impressed you most of all in the process of interaction? (If there were any)
  • Were there any disappointments?
  • Did you receive the result you expected?
  • Are you satisfied with the results?
  • Are you going to continue cooperation and in what directions?

Pay attention to answers, as they may help to improve the quality of your services greatly.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.