Doctor Appointment Apps Development: Features To Include

Digital healthcare is steadily growing to be one of the most popular markets in the world today. Estimated at over 106 billion USD in 2019 and predicted to grow at 28.5% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate), digital healthcare is all set to take over the medical sector. 

Various applications enable a digitalised healthcare market, aiding all healthcare professionals and patients more conveniently, and promoting accessible medical services.

Apps catering to every aspect of digital healthcare are coming up, including those that provide fixing doctor appointments and such. 

Granting convenience to the doctors and patients, this type of application in healthcare is valuable and useful. The application promises efficient management; it avoids overbooking and offers useful insights into the doctor’s performance. When following the steps from these articles on how to create a medical app and doctor appointment app development, remember to add the features listed. 

Main features of a doctor appointment app 

  • Clean and clear design  

Simple, modern, and elegant design styles work best with all users. The UI (user interface) of the application should be interactive and easy to use to promote convenience and ease. Developers should choose an appropriate color palette, considering sensitive eyes and various disabilities along with simple design patterns. 

Big, bold buttons are preferable to small ones for the convenience of the users. App developers should utilize easy-to-read fonts and an accessible UI pattern. If you are about to develop a healthcare app for the US market, follow the ADA requirements when proposing the design. With a simple design, the app should have an interactive interface in the users’ best interests. The designs make the first impressions in the application; hence, a good template is integral for a successful doctor appointment application.

  • Technological stacks

Tech stacks or technical stacks are a combination of software products and programming languages, and technology services to build an app. A basic mobile application consists of two sides: the client-side and the server-side. The choice of an efficient tech stack depends on additional features of the developer’s application. 

Each layer of the application is based on the layer below it, combining it to form a stack and laying the app’s necessary foundation. Tech stacks include a vital component of any digital healthcare app. Hence, developers should ensure they have the right choice and features to make an application useful.

  • Doctor profiles

Though specific features are added in different healthcare applications, some of the basic features, including doctor profiles, are prevalent in doctor appointment apps. Patients and users should view and read the doctors’ profiles of their choice to find what they require. 

Doctor profiles are necessary for consumer satisfaction, and they should include certifications, experience, talents, competencies, and more such values. This feature promotes easy interaction and helps users find the right medical advisor for them.

  • Search engine for doctors

To allow app users to find the right specialist, it is a great idea to include a search engine. Supply it with filter options to help users find their or needed doctor based on ratings, location, and more similar factors.

  • Management and bookings

This feature helps in time-management and efficiency and aids both the doctors and the patients. Users should be able to secure appointments and set them on their calendars quickly. At the same time, these details should be confirmed in the doctor’s account. 

This feature is a big step towards digitalization in the healthcare sector. It allows users to select dates and appointments with doctors remotely. The function should also include canceling or rescheduling fixed appointments to suit the user and the doctor accordingly.

  • Reminders

Reminders are a nice feature, suitable for all healthcare applications. This feature is user-friendly and makes arranging appointments easier for patients. The doctor appointment application should include push notifications that remind patients and healthcare professionals about their upcoming meetings or other healthcare reminders.

These features are the most common for basic doctor appointment applications. Let’s see the extras that are worth including. 

Extra features to include in a doctor appointment application. 

  • Payment

Pre-payment options are widespread in healthcare apps. Patients can be given the choice of viewing and paying fees or any other payments to add to users’ and doctors’ convenience. SSN, insurance and other details should be available to medical professionals and their accounting department as well. 

  • Medication trackers

Medication trackers help users (both patients and doctors) keep up with their medicine timings and track their progress. These trackers should remind users of their regular medication at the right time to ensure they don’t miss a prescription. Suppose the treatment is sensitive for a user’s health, and there is a definite period of each medication intake. In that case, the doctor should be aware of progress and change the prescription accordingly. 

  • Health tips and insights

Health tips are a great way of promoting healthy work procedures throughout the day. Users can access beneficial advice about their health with this feature.

Doctor appointment applications are a fantastic way to promote digital healthcare, and they aid users in many ways. They ensure proper management, accessible medical support, efficiency, and more such features while providing doctors with a convenient way to provide medical services. 

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