License Management Software – A Guide on Network Management

As companies grow, so does their data. This means that more PCs are bought and will need to be utilized. If you want to be successful, you’ll need software that can analyze them within seconds. Fortunately, license management software is available to assist you.

What is PC Inventory Software?

The term PC Inventory refers to the hardware and software assets that are owned by a company. These assets include laptops, personal computers, mobile devices, scanners, printers, subscriptions, and software licenses.

Because of the intense competition between businesses, most companies spend a portion of their capital to get the latest hardware and software assets to keep them ahead of their competition.

However, a badly managed PC inventory can be a huge burden, and the only way to fix is it through implementing an effective management strategy.

Why Does Your Network Need an IP Scan?

PC audits take a long time, causing a long downtime and potentially preventing your employees from focusing on their main priorities. However, things don’t have to be this way. With the right license management software, PC audits are a breeze, and companies of all sizes will stop PC audits and fully embraces what they can offer.

Top License Management Software

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a versatile PC audit software solution that can be accessed via its mobile app or online. It gives you access to accurate information about your company’s assets. Asset Panda is known for its configurability and unlimited fields, which makes it adapt to the small companies changing need and obtain new hardware and software assets.

Snipe IT

Snipe IT is an open source PC inventory software solution that helps businesses understand their assets and how they’re utilized. The developers behind Snipe IT understand that managing assets with an Excel Sheet and Google Doc are only the beginning.

Once a company exceeds past a certain side, the organization can be messy. Snipe IT is license management software that’s designed to track software licenses, accessories, and physical assets. Snipe-IT users can generate high-quality asset reports, and export the information in one CSV file.

Businesses on a budget can receive free hosting, or pay for Snipe-IT’s low price solution.

Inv Gate Assets

Inv Gate Assets is an enterprise level PC management software and asset inventory tool. This software was designed for businesses who want to know how their PC assets are being utilized. As a result, your company will be more competitive and more alert to any security threat that occurs on your PCs.

It offers eight core capabilities: asset monitoring, IT financials, asset inventory, remote desktop discovery, software deployment, software metering, and software license management.


It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small; you need to have an organized network. With license management software, you can ensure that everything is working properly, virus free, and receive alerts if any issues arise.

This saves you time to focus on what your company needs most: growth. Use license management software to help solve problems; giving you the time needed to increase the size of your business.

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Adam Hansen

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