Learning a New Language For Business

German is fast becoming one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. A core reason for this is because Germany is a member of the G8, the global superpowers whose economies are vital to world trade among other things. Since the country’s influence is far-reaching, even the cultural traits such as Oktoberfest, are being adopted beyond its borders, especially in this modern age where you can share anything from food recipes to cultural art on social media. For instance, it would help if you understood a little German if you are a chef trying to attract clientele to your restaurant where you also serve German cuisine. Lately, it has become easy to learn into German courses in Berlin as more and more non-natives take up residency in Germany.

Why Learn German?

The German government is heavily investing in innovative digital technologies as well as intelligent technologies. The reason is that technology has had a major impact on the global economy as a whole. In particular, one notable effect of the growing demand in technology is how manual labor is slowly being replaced by mechanization. With farms, firms, and industries preferring the efficiency provided by mechanization, electronics, and automation, there also comes a minor problem of maintenance and repair, let alone innovating more brilliant devices. Since it is difficult to secure graduates who have majored in STEM subjects that comprise of Sciences, IT, and Mathematics, it has become particularly easy for international graduates with these credentials to secure employment in Germany.

Where To Learn German In Berlin

A common trait in the world is that internationals residing in a foreign country usually make their first stop in the capital city. A major reason is that of the immigration department as well as their embassy. It makes sense that Berlin has a high number of internationals residing in addition to the fact that, most of the largest and most influential companies in Germany, are based here. Because of the niche stemming from the language barrier where most internationals want to be able to communicate in German at their place of work, Speakeasy was founded to bridge the gap. It is a language school that offers German courses in Berlin. All teachers are native speakers who instruct classes with an average of 6 to 8 students per class. This language school focuses on sentence structure and wording while attaching a lot of importance to writing, understanding, and speaking. You can select from intensive to super intensive courses depending on how you want to learn and the duration as well.

The ability to speak a foreign tongue when doing business internationally can help take your career to the next level. There are times where certain words or phrases might be tough to translate into English. You do not want a business deal to fall through simply from a lack of knowledge about the language you were negotiating in. Be the person that your company sends overseas time after time to close huge deals!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.