Learn the Ways That You Can Get More Subscribers Through YouTube

Dedicated YouTube members who have a channel and love to share content on it are generally motivated by either a generous wish to share interesting and useful content, the desire to share some sort of talent with the world, or to simply entertain others. Ultimately, whatever their reasons they invest spend time and effort in this hobby, and so it’s natural they want their efforts to be acknowledged. If you are looking for more subscribers through the YouTube platform, then check out these guys.

YouTube seems like a popularity contest

In YouTube land success is often measured by the number of subscribers a channel has. However, as in real life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the channels with the biggest numbers are necessarily the most popular or offer the most value to browsers. Likewise read the GetViral.io reviews for better understanding.

Think of it this way. Mr. A and Mr. B are both retired. Mr. A goes out most days because he joined local interest groups, makes time to chat to people he meets in the area, and volunteers for a local charity. Because he sees people around he gets more invites to do things. Mr. B on the other hand rarely goes out or sees people, so he misses out on the same opportunities. This is how YouTube works, assuming that if several people like something then it is worth giving it further boosts and so the audience increases and the cycle of success is set in motion.  

How to break into the action

Use these hot tips and you could soon be basking in all that subscriber love.


Add content regularly, and make sure it is top notch. You want people to have a reason to subscribe, and getting notifications of new content is a real good enticement.

Promote both your channel and links to videos on all the social media platforms you can. Ask people you know to share things for you. Just make sure you are not spamming sites.

Cast a critical eye over your existing content. Is it still relevant? Well made? Organised into playlists to make life easier for viewers? Whipping this into shape is crucial for genuine new subscribers to come onboard.


Upgrade your skills when planning and making videos. For instance, did you know that you have less than 8 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention? If you spend that time waffling on they are going to click right on past. Get straight into something engaging, and save the finer details for later.

Possible (but be careful)

If all else fails you can always look into buying subscribers. The cost varies, with the cheapest around being bots which will auto-subscribe but stand out like a sore thumb. [Mainly because they never like or make real comments on anything you post.] Of course if your subscribers jump from 100 to 3000 on 24 hours that will also raise red flags behind the scenes – so be warned. The penalties for doing this kind of thing can be harsh

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.