3 Ways to Be a Successful Amazon Merchant

Amazon basically owns the e-commerce world and has the attention of nearly every consumer. Founder Jeff Bezos is regarded on the same level as the late Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. Amazon lets users order virtually anything, which also means sellers can sell just about anything. Amazon appears intimidating to some sellers, but it doesn’t have to be. You can take advantage of Amazon’s many functions, but first you must follow these steps to get your product ready to sell and perform successfully.

Know Your Audience and Your Product

Getting to know your audience is key to selling anything on any e-commerce platform. Some facts to learn about the audience are age, gender, hobbies, occupation, income level, and location. This is a way to better develop the language you use on your Amazon ad and where to try to market your product on your own time.

Once you know your audience and have a set product, the next step is getting these customers to purchase your product and feel compelled to review it.

Reviews are huge on Amazon. Many people read reviews to see what other customers think of the quality, material etc. A way to get reviews is just by being transparent about your inventory in the product description. If the product is reasonably priced and customers love it, then they are sure to leave a review when Amazon sends a follow-up email about the product they purchased.

If someone leaves a review, your response could make their day. They might tell their friends about your product or buy again. Future buyers also will see that you were responsive to feedback, which makes them more likely to trust you as an Amazon merchant.

Know How To Manage Getting Banned or Other Setbacks

Sometimes sellers can get banned from Amazon, which is difficult for those who rely on Amazon for income. Often people aren’t aware of Amazon’s policies, so reading their regulations before shopping and returning items is best.

If you have been banned, contact Amazon to see whether they can help. If they can’t help, maybe consider turning to an e-book such as Second Chance Amazon for assistance, or watching YouTube videos of experienced Amazon sellers. Being banned can set you back in business, so you should take action as soon as possible.

Some other technical difficulties can occur during holidays when Amazon is busier with deliveries. Your product might not get to the consumer in time for the holiday, which can cause them to want to leave a negative review. When this happens, you might be advised to use quicker shipping. Ultimately, this recommendation comes because Amazon is such a large company. It’s a trade-off that comes with selling on such a large e-commerce platform.

Manage Inventory Proactively

You’re running a business, after all, it is best to act like it. Managing your inventory and keeping record of sales is an important way to measure your online selling success.

Also, nothing is worse than selling something on Amazon and not having the stock for it. Amazon can penalize you if this happens, because money and business could be lost. The customer may also decide to leave a negative review. Treat your Amazon selling as your business instead of just letting Amazon do all the work. Amazon makes things simpler for you and the buyer, but ultimately you are still responsible for not getting banned and doing what you can to get a good review on the site.  If you are so busy that you can’t however, check out these top-rated Amazon Account Management Services.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.