Is Telemarketing Still An Effective Form Of Lead Generation?

Telemarketing has long been a staple of the business and marketing world. As new techniques and tools have emerged to generate leads, however, some believe that the era of telemarketing is over. With some criticism and scepticism surrounding the use of telemarketing today, many doubt its lasting ability to generate high-quality leads.

However, businesses ignore the potential of telemarketing lead generation services at their own peril. This time-tested technique has many advantages over more contemporary strategies, and the techniques of telemarketing have developed substantially over time. For many reasons, telemarketing leads remain one of the best means of boosting your sales and revenues.

Let’s look at some of the many reasons why telemarketing is still an effective form of lead generation.

Saves Your Business Valuable Resources

Telemarketing, especially if you choose an outsourced telemarketing service in Melbourne, is one of the best ways to save your business both time and money.

Using telemarketing to generate leads will save your sales team from ridding them of the need to spend their time entering data, researching leads, of varying and often dubious quality, and writing emails or making calls to these leads. Instead, your team will be able to spend their time dedicated to the tasks that will maximise revenue for your company, turning the highest quality leads into paying customers.

Telemarketing is also one of the best ways to maximise your ROI in terms of spending on lead generation. Telemarketing campaigns have been found to generate the highest profit margin compared against other forms of B2C and B2B lead generation.

Telemarking Generates High-Quality Leads

By providing potential customers with a direct person to person contact rather than the cold approach of an email, telemarketing leads are more likely to engage and attract the person on the other end of the line. Especially if proper research has been conducted prior to making the call, telemarketing can ensure that you are speaking with the right person, with decision-making authority, to pitch your products and services to.

While emails are easily ignored, a person-to-person call through telemarketing will also ensure that you get a quick response, in some form, from your prospects. This makes telemarketing a less time consuming and more active approach towards lead generation.

Words are not the most important aspect of convincing someone either. Instead, personality and tone of voice are essential ingredients towards developing great leads. Telemarketing allows a human touch that other forms of lead generation lack.

Through these advantages, the leads that are developed through telemarketing are sure to be the highest quality leads available. These can be passed on to your sales team to increase the chances of persuading them to do business with your company.

Telemarketing Keeps Things Flexible

One of the big advantages of telemarketing over other forms of lead generation is the ability to adjust and alter your approach depending on how things are going. If you find that your current script or approach does not seem to be generating the high-quality leads that you were expecting, you can switch things up and experiment in real-time to ensure that you are moving forward with a method that works.

Some Caveats To Consider

While telemarketing can be a highly effective tool for generating high-quality leads, there are some things to keep in mind to maximise its effectiveness. It is important to keep in mind the changes in marketing that are shaping the industry today in order to make your telemarketing efforts relevant.

For example, it is important to be interactive with the leads that you call. While it is important to have some form of a script to ensure that everything critical to your business is said in the initial contact with a prospective client, it is important not to be too rigid. This can quickly reduce a telemarketing call to an annoyance rather than a critical opportunity for your business to expand its client base.

Researching prospective leads is also important. Rather than cold calling any and all potential leads, it is important to choose wisely and narrow down the list to the most promising candidates first.

To solve both problems, it is ideal to outsource your telemarketing to a professional team that is dedicated to the task. This will allow you to rapidly generate the best leads in an organic way.

Choose Telemarketing Today

If your business has neglected to use telemarketing as a lead generating tool, then now is the time to change your mind and set a new course. There are many good reasons why almost sixty per cent of marketing managers in Fortune 500 companies say that telemarketing is very effective for generating leads. Find a professional team to outsource your telemarketing needs today to make the most of your lead generation opportunities.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.