Is Online Grocery Shopping Worthwhile?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have taken an interest in online grocery delivery services, as they want to limit chances of exposure to the virus. It is a more convenient way of shopping but it sometimes costs slightly higher than regular grocery shopping. Nonetheless, as this business model becomes more mainstream, it creates opportunities for more ecommerce businesses to spring up. 

Retailers are also in on the action, and they sell groceries on online grocery delivery platforms like Instacart. However, to ensure their products are seen by consumers on the platform, retailers use services like skai instacart advertising solutions to increase traffic, visibility and sales. Some key features of online grocery delivery services are:

  • Ability to order groceries at any time
  • Delivery of fresh groceries to your home address
  • Absence of crowds and parking lines
  • Increased tendency to stick to a budget

Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Delivery

  • Home Delivery

Benefit: Groceries are usually delivered the same day they are ordered, which is ideal for busy people that cannot afford to spend a considerable amount of time in a line at supermarkets.

Downside: The service will incur a delivery fee which might be a lot more than the amount that would be spent if you visit the grocery store yourself. Even though there are stores that promise free delivery fees, the condition is the purchase of a large amount of items.

  •  Pickup and Delivery Slots

Benefit: When ordering groceries online, there is an option of either having it delivered to your house, or for it to be picked up at the store. Many stores allow customers to choose a  two-hour time slot for their groceries to either be delivered or picked up. With this ability to choose a delivery time, it is possible to plan your shopping around your daily or weekly activities.

Downside: The delivery fees for popular pickup or delivery time slots (weekends or holidays) might be a lot higher than those of conventional time slots. 

  • Communication

Benefit: People that are naturally introverted might prefer to conveniently order and receive their groceries without much physical constant or need to communicate verbally with anyone. Regardless, there are live chat options that allow shoppers to make inquiries from customer support staff in real-time.

Downside: Some online grocery delivery websites might have poor designs, making it difficult for customers to find and order the items they need. The websites could be improved if they pay attention to customer feedback. 


Online shopping is worth it because of the convenience it brings and the time it helps people save. It also reduces the need for introverts to communicate since they can order everything they need on their phones. The new business model that arises from online grocery shopping also creates opportunities for retailers and small business owners to sell their products on ecommerce platforms like Instacart and make money.

These retailers have the opportunity to boost the visibility of their products, and drive up sales if they use the right platform to do so.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.