The Ultimate Guide in Moving Home Furniture

One of the most challenging tasks when relocating is moving large furniture pieces. The task is complicated because you need to have skills and get the tools for the job.

Remember, you cannot lift a sofa alone or drag it from the fifth floor to the ground floor. Hence, you need to know how to move all your home furniture without damaging them or injuring yourself. 

Nevertheless, if you have hired NYC movers to help you relocate, they will handle the task for you. They are professionals who can quickly move large furniture pieces and box boxes without any challenge.  

But it is essential to learn how to move the furniture whether you plan to have a DIY move or hire a commercial moving company. Below is a simple guide on how to move your home furniture pieces. 

The Ultimate Guide in Moving Home Furniture

1. Have a Moving Plan

Even before you begin to relocate the furniture, you need to plan how to do it. When you know the steps you need to take, it will be easier to relocate them.

The first step is to record the home furniture you need to move. If there are pieces of furniture you do not need, the best option is to sell them or give them away. 

A plan will also help you know whether you need to disassemble some furniture pieces or not, whether they are tools needed, and if you may need to remove your house doors temporarily. 

2. Get the Right Tools for the Job

When planning to move large furniture pieces, you need to ensure you have the right tools for the job. You do not want to damage your house walls or the items when moving. Some of the items you may require include dollies, furniture sliders, and moving straps. 

3. Dismantle Your Furniture Pieces

Some pieces of furniture cannot be moved without being dismantled. If a piece of furniture is heavy and oversized, it might not pass through the door. Hence, you need to take away any removable part. 

Happily, there are many furniture pieces that you can dismantle, such as dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, beds, and many others. 

After disassembling any furniture, label all the screws and nuts; you do not want to miss them when assembling. Also, pack them well in your essential box. 

4. Know the Proper Lifting Techniques

Moving large furniture is not an easy task. You need to mind your house, the item, and yourself. This is because the poor lifting technique can damage your house walls, damage your furniture, or you may get injured. 

Therefore, you need to know the best way to lift heavy furniture. But if you hire professionals to help you relocate your home furniture, they are well trained on the matter. Moreover, they have enough man-force and tools to move heavy ones. 

5. Plan How to Unload the Large Pieces

Once you load the big furniture in the truck, you need to know how to unload them. This is because unloading is another complex task when moving. Without enough workforce, you can easily damage the items. 

Therefore, make sure you have enough people to help you unload and carry all large furniture pieces to the new home. Moreover, get the tools for the job. 

6. Do Not Drag Your Furniture

When relocating large furniture pieces, the easiest way to move them is dragging. But experts advise that you should not drag them. This is because dragging can damage your floor, carpet, or item. The best way to move furniture is by lifting. 

7. Do Not Move in a Hurry

When carrying large and heavy furniture, do not move in a hurry. It would help if you moved slowly so that no one gets hurt. Moreover, you cannot damage your couch or dining table when you do it slowly. 

8. Mind Yourself

When moving home furniture, it is possible to get injured. Therefore, mind yourself. Be careful when lifting and when carrying the item. When furniture is lifted incorrectly, you can injure your spine or legs. 

Moving Home Furniture


Minding yourself also means having the right tools for the job and getting enough people to help you move. But if you feel the task is too heavy for you, the best decision is to recruit professional movers. 

When you hire movers such as NYC movers, you will be assured that your home furniture pieces will be well moved. When you involve them, your house will not be damaged, you will not hurt yourself, and all your furniture will arrive in one piece. 

Final Word

Large furniture pieces are the most complex items to move when moving household items. This is because they are heavy. Large and may not fit through the door. 

But with the right tools and workforce, you can quickly move them without damaging or hurting someone. So, if you are moving the furniture pieces, make sure you follow the above tips.