Is Mint Mobile Good?

Having a cell phone is just about a necessity nowadays but not everyone has the money to pay for large plans or just does not want to pay for a bunch of data they may not use, that’s where many prepaid plans come in.

In this Mint Mobile review, we will tell you where to buy a mint mobile starter kit to get on the road to cheaper cell service, where you will only pay for the amount of data you use instead of having to buy an expensive plan elsewhere.  You can buy these on Mint Mobiles site or you can do a search for the mint mobile starter kit on the internet and see other places you can buy them from. You can also get them from Walmart or Best Buy.  These kits include the prepaid service and the sim card you will need to install in your GSM compatible phone.

Mint Mobile is simple to sign up for and simple to use.  First, go to the site to make sure you live in an area they cover, they cover just about anywhere.  After you have determined your area is covered, pick a three, six or twelve-month plan and order the plan and sim.  The sim should only take a couple of days to get to you. Activate your service and install the sim and you are ready to use your new service.  

This prepaid service works a bit like Tracfone except you bring your own phone instead of buying your first one with the service.  You buy the plan you want and get unlimited talk and text with the amount of data you think you will use during that period, that way you are not paying for all that extra data you do not use.  If you do not use a lot of data, you can pay as little as $15 a month, how does that compare to your current plan?

When you get to the end of your time, just use their handy app or go online to renew your subscription, you can even sign up for auto-renew so you will not have to worry about it.  It is really simple. 

By buying a Mint Mobile starter kit you will not need to go out and buy a new phone, just use the one you currently have as long as it is a GSM network phone, it will work with Mint Mobile.  This will save you a lot of money. Of course, you can always buy a new unlocked phone and use it with Mint Mobile too if you want.

If you are not sure about which plan to get, Mint Mobile’s website has a handy reference guide on their frequently asked questions to give you an idea of which plan would be best for you depending on what you usually do on your phone.  

As you can see, Mint Mobile has a lot to offer for a much smaller price than what you are probably paying now.  If you would like even more information about Mint Mobile, check out this Mint Mobile review to get all the information you need.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.