How Your Startup Can Grow Efficiently Without a Large Investment

Most people think by watching movies that all successful startups happen on account of a huge investment from a venture capitalist or someone risking their life savings. The truth is with the availability of technology that some businesses can start simply with a computer and internet connection.

Hire Only When Absolutely Necessary

Too many startups get caught up in the number of people that they employ. The thing they should be looking for it how they can maximize the profits with the number of people the startup currently has. Once this has been optimized then it can be time to hire as you know how much each employee at a certain position should be making for the company. Hire people who are versatile as the company needs may shift in the future. So a person who is a great writer but also has web design skills would be a great hire when starting a digital marketing company.

Allow A Lawyer To Write Up Your Contracts

Finding legal representation to write up contracts can help if a client fails or refuses to pay on work done or delivered. Putting a business attorney on retainer can be a wise decision if you decide to take a contract matter to court. Startups can be hanging on by a thread so when a large client tries to throw their weight around they can be held legally liable. For this reason it is also important to diversify your client base as one client being responsible for a majority of the company income can be dangerous. Even late pay can lead in employees quitting if you didn’t have enough saved up to pay them on time.

Work Out Of Your Home or a Small Office Space

Working out of your home or a small business space can be done for a few hundred dollars per month for the smallest spaces. Some people turn their garage into an office simply by running the AC their or putting in some kind of window unit. The small office can come in handy for business meetings though as it just has to be functional. Creating a home office is not expensive and hiring can be quite easy when allowing employees to work from home on their own computers. This also gives you the ability to use outsourced workers overseas in order to save on your labor costs.

A Great Marketing Strategy Can Grow Sales and Brand Image

A great marketing strategy will help attract people to your website as well as build a brand of quality. Those companies that simply throw money at a problem to see what works have a great luxury. Startups have to track the ROI on everything to make sure they are getting the most out of their marketing budget. Another great way to attract business through marketing is running a referral program. Often times people know others in the same industry and are willing to give a referral for some kind of discount or credit with your business. This helps bring in quality leads that are sure to convert with the right salesperson.

A huge sum of money is not needed to start a business that will turn into a success. While a startup might have less money it also has freedoms from corporate boards which can clog up production with their decision making.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.