5 Dealer Chat Features You Need To Have

Car shoppers no longer want to go to the dealership. It’s a tough pill to swallow for car dealerships, but it’s the way the market is going. Car dealerships are either going to have to adapt or get left behind by competitors who can tell which way the wind is blowing.

What’s the alternative to visiting the dealership? Shopping for cars online. While customers may not be buying cars at the click of a button, they’re doing the majority of their shopping and research online. That’s where live chat software is useful for dealerships. But before you sign up for live chat software, make sure you’re getting software with these five essential features.

#1 Live Video Calls

When people get in touch with a dealership online, they want to know they’re talking to a real person. Live video calls with your salespeople means that customers are talking to someone with a face. Live video chat will help your sales team develop a closer relationship with prospects and have an easier time bringing them in.

#2 Targeted Promotions

One of perks you should get when you use live chat software for your dealership is better information about web visitors. The software should be keeping track of the pages visitors hit and what kind of products they’re looking at. With that information, the software can take a list of your promotions and deliver the most relevant ones to visitors. That might mean deals on service, discounted prices, or trade in promotions.

#3 Book Test Drives

Booking test drives is the bread and butter of live chat software. Live chat interactions are an opportunity to answer questions and get contact information, turning anonymous web traffic into leads. But live chat can also be targeted to bring new customers onto the lot by booking test drives. That takes talented, sales-savvy representatives.

#4 Great People

The success of live chat starts with the operator. Some dealerships keep it in-house, limiting the hours that their live chat is available, increasing wait times for responses, and stretching salespeople thin. When they have bodies on the lot, salespeople aren’t going to be checking the live chat. Online shoppers are impatient. There is a close correlation between live chat first response time and customers satisfaction.  

More dealerships are using chat software companies like Gubagoo that provide fully-trained, US-based live chat operators. They have your dealership inventory accessible so that they can provide prospects with fast answers and product images. Live chat is meant to put a personal touch on the web browsing experience. Your chat software needs to rely on great people to do it.

#5 Sales Team Integration

Live chat can be great for getting leads, but what if it could also sell? Dealer chat software from Gubagoo incorporates your sales team into the process. Through their RESQ app, your sales team can monitor ongoing live chats, send private messages to the operator, or enter the conversation themselves. They can provide a higher level of information and make executive calls when dealing with a prospect, such as prices and additional incentives. Integrating the sales team brings you closer to making online car sales. Stop fighting the switch to online shopping and embrace faster, easier car sales.

These are the kinds of features that make live chat software more effective for the auto industry. Don’t get left behind when it comes to the online side of your business. Get live chat software that works as hard as you do.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.