How to Stay Safe as a Newly Qualified Driver

You’ve passed the test, you’ve got your certificate, and your shiny new license is on the way. With that, you’ve got a new car sat in the drive just waiting to take you on adventures. However, the early days of solo driving can be nerve-racking because you’ve no longer got an instructor there ready to bail you out in emergencies. This is why, as a new driver, you need to take extra precautions behind the wheel and take road safety seriously – we find out how below.

Be The Tortoise

We’ve all heard the story about the hare and the tortoise, how slow and steady wins the race. This much is true when it comes to driving. Make sure you pay attention to speed signs. You don’t always have to be pushing the pedal to the carpet and reaching full speed, sometimes you need to ease off and take it easy – you might take a few more minutes to get to your destination but at least you’ll be alive. For best practice, get yourself a new satnav and keep it updated as this will tell you the speed limits.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that other drivers will take regard of the road. In the event of a collision, you need to stay calm, take their details, and get in touch with a reliable lawyer for car accidents.

Adjust Before Leaving

Before you leave, make sure that your seat is set to the correct height and you can see out of your wing mirrors. Taking time to adjust these things on the road means you’re spending less time with your eye on the road. Eventually, checking your perimeters will become second nature.

Eyes on The Road And Hands On The Wheel

Without the eyes of an instructor bearing over you, it can be tempting to take a cheeky glimpse at your cellphone. However, using a phone whilst you’re driving takes your eyes off the road and can cause danger to yourself and others. Further, you can get into trouble with the law, face driving bans, and fans. For best practice, keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Be Responsible Out There

You need to have common sense on the road whether you’re an old or new driver. This rings true when it comes to alcohol. Driving under the influence is extremely dangerous and illegal in the majority of countries. You can find out what the laws across the US are here.

Be Prepared

Finally, you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the road. Checking the tires are at the right pressure and aren’t too worn can help save lives. Making sure that your water is filled to the correct level makes sure you can keep your windscreen clean. You can find a full list of checks here.

Keeping safe on the road as a new driver is important. Take your time to check the car and be vigilant on the road. In time, everything will become second nature.


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