5 Things You Must Do at the Scene of a Car Accident

On average, there are over six million car accidents in the United States every year. If you’ve been involved in one yourself, the experience can be highly distressing. Many people don’t know how to act or what steps to take at the scene of the accident, so here is a guide that can help.

Look for Injuries

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, the first thing you must do is look for injuries, both to yourself and other passengers in your vehicle. You will know within seconds if anyone is seriously injured and requires immediate medical help. Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones, so before you look for a lawyer for car accidents, you need to call an ambulance first.

Assess Damage

Once you have been assured that everyone is okay, it’s time to take stock of any damage sustained to your vehicle. If possible, taking photographs of the scene, including the state of your car and injuries can be used as evidence in your case.

Gather Evidence

If you decide on hiring a car accident lawyer to represent your case, you’re going to need as much evidence as possible to support your claim and get compensation. To do this effectively, obtaining the names and contact information of others involved in the crash, as well as getting witness statements is key. If you have your smartphone with you, make sure to take note of the location of the accident scene, time of day, as well as weather conditions. After you have been checked over at the hospital, you can use your medical records to back up your side of the story.

Alert the Police

If you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, law enforcement may already be on their way. If they’re not, you must call them immediately. Once the police arrive at the scene, you can get their names and badge numbers, as well as obtain a copy of the accident report which can be used as evidence. Should you only encounter minor injuries and choose not to call law enforcement, you should still head to your nearest police department and file an incident report.

Call Your Insurance Company

It may be wise to speak to your insurance agent while you are at the accident scene. They will run through what things you need to do to start your claim, as well as what to expect throughout the claims process. You can also hire a car accident lawyer who can represent you in court and seek justice and compensation for what has happened. If you’re unsure what to say to your insurance company, an attorney can guide you.

After a car accident, emotions can run high and those involved may be seriously injured. In the seconds that follow the accident, it’s easy to forget about the things you should and shouldn’t do. Following the guidance above will ensure you and other passengers’ health and safety are put first.


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