Why Private Jets Are Ideal for Business Travel

Private jets are a type of vehicle most commonly associated only with the most rich and famous. However, with private charter jet companies gaining traction around the world, these jets are actually available for anyone to hire for both personal and business use. And their passengers aren’t limited to the elite; in fact, fifty percent of flights used for business travel aren’t even occupied by top management.

Why are more businesses shelling out the cost of renting a private jet for business travel? It’s because, if time, customer service, and image are important to a business, the benefits of private travel can be well worth the costs.

Here are some of the top reasons why private jets are the best way to travel for business.


The first, and perhaps most essential, benefit to traveling by private jet instead of a regular airline aircraft is saving large amounts of time. Time is money, and when you’re traveling for business, that mantra is doubly true.

Flying privately can save hours of wait time in airports. There’s no waiting for other passengers or flights that have been delayed, and you don’t have to wait for other passengers to unload, either.

There’s less traffic at private airports, so takeoff and landing is a much faster process, and because private jets often fly above the altitude of other commercial air traffic, even the delay or re-routing of other flights in the air is unlikely to affect a private flight. You can get on your private jet charter from Ft. Myers, Florida without waiting for delayed flights from nearby airports to clear.

Access to Remote Locations 

Most people are so accustomed to long road trips to and from the airport that they don’t even realize there’s any other option. But private flights have access to over 5,000 private airports in diverse locations, as opposed to the 500 commercial airports that regular airlines can access.

Landing at a private airport in a more ideal location can save hours of driving if your final destination is far from a commercial airport. Because of the time saved between decreased delays and travel to and from the airport, business people with cross-country, same-day meetings can fly to multiple locations in a matter of hours instead of days.


When you choose to fly on a private jet instead of a commercial plane, another main benefit you will receive is privacy. Sensitive business conversations that would be embarrassing or even impossible to hold on a commercial plane are safe to have in the privacy of a private jet.


If you are trying to meet a client or another business at a specific time, booking flights to coincide with timing can be a challenge—especially if you have a busy schedule and limited time frame. To eliminate the stress of trying to run from terminal to terminal at the airport, you can instead book a private jet for whatever time you want without being tied down to airline flight schedules.


Comfort may not be the first priority of a traveling business person, but it is definitely a bonus to the other benefits of private travel. If your job requires a significant amount of cross-country travel, flying in crowded conditions and uncomfortable seats will get old very quickly. Enjoying some space and quiet on your flight will not only help put you in a happier state of mind, it can help you arrive at meetings feeling relaxed and confident instead of rushed and cranky.

Cost-Efficient Group Travel

You might assume that flying by private jet will be much more expensive than you can afford; however, that is not necessarily true. When you choose a private jet charter, you can fly in a much nicer plane for a reasonable price, especially when traveling in groups.

Because you aren’t paying for additional tickets per person on the flight, you can take more passengers with you for the same price, up to the plane’s passenger capacity. This makes private flights an ideal way to transport multiple employees together to essential meetings and conferences. And there’s no better way to impress clients or prospective partners than inviting them along for a ride.

Becoming Accessible

As you can see, private flights are becoming an ever-more attractive option for business people, one that has and will become increasingly accessible. Far from being reserved for the elite, private jets can be a great form of business travel for companies and executives. And before you think that only applies to the Fortune 500s, 57% of businesses using private air travel have under 500 employees. Time will tell how businesses’ use of private air travel evolves. But for now, the prospects are looking up.

Chris Turn

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