How to make international calls from your computer

It is possible to make a call anywhere in the world, free of charge from your computer. However, this is only if you have an established broadband connection and virtual calling solution in place. Free internet phone calls can significantly reduce the cost of calling abroad. Making calls via the web is easy, especially if you have a smartphone. The following simple discussion article provides simple steps to show you how straightforward it is to make calls from your computer.

Find and register with a reliable VoIP provider

The most crucial first step would be to find a VoIP solution that allows global calling and provides the flexibility to communicate wherever you are in the world. A VoIP solution provides a globally accessible business phone system without heavy hardware, wiring expenses and expensive call rates. VoIP takes the audio voice signals from speech and turns them into digital data which is then transmitted through an internet connection. You can therefore establish a virtual number in as little as 5 minutes. A virtual number will not limit you or your business to a specific geographical location, providing endless benefits to support your business growth.

How to make calls from your computer

Once you have registered with a VoIP provider, you will need to ensure you have the following in place, to make a call from your computer:

  • A quality internet connection (at least over 0.5 Mb/sec)
  • A headset or working speakers (speakers will often be built into your laptop or mobile device)
  • A microphone (will often be built into your laptop or mobile device)
  • An active VoIP solution for Windows or any other softphone

Now, there are three options to make a call from your computer you can:

  1. Call from your VoIP provider’s website – You can often call directly from the VoIP provider’s website via a web-phone, which works on WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) basis. Here you will need to register with the VoIP provider, log into your account, go to the Call section and begin your call from there.
  2. Call through your CRM – You can integrate your VoIP solution with your CRM and make international calls from the CRM interface. A unified VoIP-CRM system with a Web RTC feature provides the possibility of monitoring a variety of communications in real time, even when working remotely, internationally, or away from the office, which streamlines internal processes.
  3. Download and install full VoIP software on your computer and call through the PBX. You simply need to set up your VoIP software using the setup instructions and begin dialing. This provides full access to a PBX for convenient, ongoing frequent, ease of repeat use. Often is the most popular solution for making regular international calls from your computer. 

Zadarma is a globally recognised reliable VoIP provider and offers a free Cloud Phone Business Exchange (PBX) which creates a versatile business phone system in a matter of minutes. The PBX supports international calling and conferencing calling as well as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Conditional and Unconditional Call Forwarding, call recording and statistics, speech analytics and many other powerful features. Zadarma offers a free CRM system too. The ZCRM allows users to make calls via WebRTC.The intuitive software is easy to set up for even the most non-technical individuals. Zadarma even provides a native integration with Microsoft Teams that allows any business or individual to enjoy the best of both platforms through a single, intuitive interface. Microsoft Team’s users can make and receive international calls through the interface via direct integration with Zadarma VoIP service. 

A VoIP provider like Zadarma provides the convenience of calling anywhere in the world without it being an interruption to your work or even needing to hold a physical hard wired phone. You can call any phone number from your mobile device with IP calls, both landlines and mobile phones. The person you are calling won’t even know you are using a computer.

Why choose a VoIP provider for your international call solution?

  • Phone numbers are multi-channel which allows customers to easily reach you so you will never need to miss a single incoming call. 
  • A provider like Zadarma offers excellent call rates. Zadarma is recognised for offering more than 30,000 phone numbers in 100 countries. International calls using a cost effective VoIP solution are inexpensive, and often free. A toll-free telephone number can be provided. An international customer can call your toll-free numbers free of charge. This is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. 
  • You can often leverage and access free features when calling through VoIP provider systems, such as the free cloud PBX. This allows you to set up a cost-effective phone system for your business, providing a superior service to your clients. A PBX solution provides flexibility to grow or downsize and change geographical location while retaining all of the existing company phone numbers.

The surge in demand for virtual calling and calls through your computer, presents a maturing trend. Potentially this behaviour will soon replace landline phones entirely, as there is no need for extra hardware since broadband powers the service. This makes international calling through VoIP a high quality, cost effective way to communicate for global businesses, long term.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.