How To Handle Your Linkbuilding/Content Marketing As A Small Business

A small business is not always going to have a large budget when it comes to their digital marketing efforts. For this reason they are going to have to take an approach of quality over quantity when it comes to content marketing. The reasoning behind this is that low quality content does not attract traffic or shares while good content does. The best thing that can be done is to set up a good strategy based on data as this will help maximize your ROI. The following are tips to help you handle your linkbuilding/content marketing at a small business.

Set Goals For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The first thing that any small business has to do when setting up their content marketing and linkbuilding strategy is to have an end goal in mind. This could be to beat out a competitor for a certain keyword phrase or to find yourself on the first page of search engines in your local area. It is difficult to define a strategy when you do not have a specific goal in mind. This doesn’t mean that there cannot be multiple goals like raising brand awareness while ranking high on search engines.

Find A Reliable Content Writer

Content marketing becomes far easier if you have someone that can churn out content on a daily basis. This could be for a variety of platforms whether it is the company blog or social media posts. You might be able to find a great deal on a freelancer platform for this as there is no shortage of writers. There is just a shortage of writers who offer quality work at affordable prices as once companies find this person, they tend to give them as much work as possible tying them up.

Outsource To Experts

There are experts that can help with important marketing tactics like getting unlinked brand mentions. This can help propel your company name up the search engine rankings and it does not raise a red flag like that of a linked brand mention to a website editor. These companies often times have established relationships which can help jumpstart a campaign allowing them to garner great results. Take a look at recommendations on social media and research the company online as linkbuilding for SEO is extremely important. There are some great affordable companies that can be used while other companies charge the same but do not deliver.

Use Social Media To Promote

Social media is the perfect place to promote content that has been published as it reaches your followers and potential customers. The best part of this for a small business is that these platforms are free to post on and reasonably priced to promote a post. Twitter can be a great place to engage with followers and others in the industry fielding questions or replying to observations. Take advantage of the platform that social media when it comes to content promotion as it is second to none.

As you can see you need to consider quite a few things when linkbuilding/content marketing for your small business. Take time to see how content marketing can help your business today!


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.