How To Grow Your Home Service Business Using Digital Marketing

Growing a business of any kind requires a dedication to digital marketing. Home service businesses need this as they are likely competing for a limited number of customers in the local area. There are those businesses that span multiple cities or counties. Smaller businesses usually serve a single city or a part of the city depending on the population. Taking a proactive approach to digital marketing is important as it is something that needs to be invested in monthly. The following are tips to grow your home service business using digital marketing. 

Target Local Keywords

Targeting local keywords in your content marketing approach and on your website is important. You might want to rank for an electrician in Raleigh which will be far different than if you were trying to rank in Tampa. Building backlinks is going to be an important part of ranking at the top of local search results. Most people are not going to scroll through the first few results if they have already found what they are looking for. Ranking at the top of search engines can drive leads and organic traffic to the website. 

Online PR In The Area 

Doing PR in the local area on digital or print publications will require outreach to the editorial team. A green initiative or sponsoring a local event can be a great opportunity to help establish your business in the area. PR blasts can drive traffic as some people are always looking for a great deal from a home service professional. can be a great platform to get your business out there as it targets local neighborhoods. People are always looking for recommendations for home service professionals although some users flag these posts. 

Manage Online Reviews

Managing online reviews is going to be of paramount importance as customers will flock to leave a review if they are unhappy. Most people leaving reviews just want their situation to be remedied or acknowledged. You are not going to be able to make everyone happy but you should respond to comments of all kinds. Keep in mind that a competitor could be using employees to write fake reviews. There are certain review websites that require proof of working with a business before reviewing a local business. These sites are the most reliable as they cannot be scammed by competitors. 

Social media might be somewhere that a person voices their displeasure. Responding to these posts where your business is tagged is of utmost importance due to it being a public platform. You want to give off the impression that the happiness of the customer is the most important thing to your business. You do not want an employee that tends to have a bad temper managing the social media accounts. There are so many examples of blowups on social media going viral due to the person managing the accounts being insulting and combative. 

Use the tips above to grow your business using digital marketing. Consistent effort needs to be put towards digital marketing to drive results regularly.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.