How to Get an Accurate Quote for Car Keys

Losing your car keys will leave you stranded, mostly if it happens as you plan to travel. You will find yourself wondering how you can acquire a new set and the price of the process. However, replacing car keys is expensive because it is the initial step in preventing car theft. You have probably contacted different locksmiths after you misplaced the key to getting an estimated price for the replacement. Only the VIN is needed to calculate the cost, while others might ask your car’s make, among other questions. In his article, we will discuss tips that will help you get an accurate quote for your car keys and where you can find an affordable locksmith that makes car keys.

1. Know the details of the car 

It is vital to acknowledge your car details before replacing the keys. Such details include the make and model of the vehicle. Key options and services vary widely, ranging from the year or make. Replacing chipped keys is more because it needs programming. It would help if you knew the car’s model because a car locksmith will use that information to acknowledge the correct key you will use. Keys have numerous chips, even if they might resemble each other. Please remember that a car will ignite if you use keys that have the correct FCC ID. 

2. Mode used to ignite the car

In the modern world, there are different methods used to ignite a vehicle. Some include pushing a button and using the designated keys. Suppose you have a spare key the locksmith can utilize as a guide when creating the new one. You can use broke keys to come up with the new one via assembling the components present. However, do not panic even suppose you lack these extra keys because they can be created from scratch. 

3. Acquire a VIN

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It would be best first to acquire the car’s identification number, which is found on the dashboard or in the engine bay. This enables you to know the make to help you get the estimated price of the repair. Please check the title or paperwork insurance to obtain the VIN if it is not on the dashboard. 

4. Call a locksmith 

Suppose you have an old car, one made by average manufacturers, it will be easy to create new keys. You can prevent the hustle by calling a locksmith who will enable you to save huge chunks of money compared to a dealership. However, it is costly to replace modern and luxurious cars because the shape of their keys might be complicated. Calling a locksmith will enable you to acquire an estimate of the process. 

5. Get a new key if it is complex 

Suppose none of the above strategies will help; that means that the key is very delicate. Creating a new one might be difficult, so you should visit the dealership and check if the cost is included in the warrant.


Nothing makes us sadder than misplacing car keys. This makes your car more prone to stealing. The above tips will enable you to get an estimated price for the procedure.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.