3 Types of Small Service-Based Businesses That You Can Start in A Truck

Owning a truck opens you up to opportunities for starting a viable business. If you choose to join the service industry, you will carry your trade tools inside your truck. Most importantly, you may be able to use this truck as your mobile office. You will need to consider some factors before picking the service-based business you want to run from your vehicle. 

For starters, you need to consider the capabilities of your truck. Consider the type, size, and engine type of your pickup truck. Additionally, you may need to check with your local government for information on insurance and business licensing that you may need before starting. 

It is vital to ensure that your driver’s license is updated. All that said, here are three service-based businesses that you can begin. 

1.Locksmith business

The locksmith business offers a comprehensive list of services, and you may choose the ones you desire to deliver to your clients from this list. Examples include; commercial security services, vehicle lockout, lock rekeying, home security, emergency services, and becoming an automotive locksmith

Because of the locksmith business’s nature, you can make your business entirely mobile and provide these services from your truck. As a locksmith, you will be working in an exciting field as you will meet different challenges every day. Several reputable locksmiths around Colorado cities offer quality mobile locksmith services from their trucks and vans. 

1-800-Unlocks is a network of verified locksmiths. Here’s an example of a successful service-based business: a locksmith in Fort Collins that also serves surrounding cities.   

2.Delivery and courier services

Another great service-based business that you could start with your company is offering delivery and courier services. You could start by seeking out contracts from other small businesses to deliver their products to their clients. 

For instance, if they are an electronics business, providing electrical appliances to the clients. You can organize the back of your truck in a manner that assures the safety of these goods on transit, which will reassure your clients.

Moving forward, you may even begin your courier services once you increase your clients. At this point, you can deliver a wide range of goods to a variety of clients. 

3.Cleaning business

Equipment for a maintenance and cleaning business ranges from mops, carts, vacuum cleaners to cleaning supplies. All these can be transported in your truck. To maintain this kind of business, you will only need to ensure that you provide excellent cleaning services. 

With a means to get your tools to your client’s premises, you will manage your time well and save on operation costs. 

This is because your truck can act as both your transport and your storage. What you will need to do is get a quality shell for your pickup truck. It will ensure that your supplies are safe from exposure to the elements.

Take away

You can also start a landscaping business as well as freelance carpentry. There are tons of viable businesses that you can run from your truck: try one of the above ventures and become your own boss. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.