How to Choose Proven Effective Link Building Services

Link building is quite an essential part of any website promotion strategy since the presence of backlinks plays an essential role in your website’s search result positions. Backlinks allow search algorithms to rightfully conclude on a site’s authority and usefulness

You probably know that today Google’s search algorithms are aimed at providing users with a useful, high-quality, and perfect-matched result, so if the quality of your content is of paramount importance, then, the next thing you should pay attention to is the quality and quantity of your backlinks. But how to find a good specialist who will help in this matter?

Is It Possible to Cope with a Link Building Strategy on Your Own?

Surely, you may deal with this task independently. However, this case requires a lot of time, money, and skills. What’s more, there are some pitfalls you need to take into account: 

  • You need to find at least ten sites with live traffic.
  • Partners’ sites should match your target audience.
  • Each partner site will have its content requirements and its price for publication.
  • There are also guest posting scammers you may occasionally face.
  • The partner site may not post your content for a long time.
  • If you come across sites with poor domain authority, then your website will get an even lower position in SERP.

This is not the whole list of what problems those who want to create backlinks may face on their own. If we talk about newcomers, then this work can take at least two months of permanent effort.

All this creates the need for professional services, however, finding a reliable assistant may be challenging as well. Let’s talk about the ways to do it right.

Criteria That Determine a Good Link Building Assistance Company

Today many companies are offering link building services. However, finding a truly quality service is not an easy task. But the following guidelines will help you cast aside bad services and highlight those that will actually benefit your business.

1. Find Out The Actual Location of The Company

If your site is aimed at the target audience of US residents, then it is advisable to find a service provider from the US. The fact is that freelancers or companies from other countries may not know the specifics of the US market. Also, such companies may not understand the essence of your industry, so it is better to give preference to those companies that have their origins in the United States.

The same applies to those who are oriented towards the international market. In this case, it is better to choose those companies that have a lot of experience dealing with international businesses and know how to build the link building strategy in such a way to make your site easily discoverable from different locations.

2. Don’t Be Lured by a Low Price

When it comes to backlink building, the quality is equal to the price. Accordingly, if you find low prices that will significantly differ from those offered by top companies, pass by. You will not only waste your money, but you can end up getting fines from search engines and never reach the top 10.

3. Ask for the Full-Service Package

Why do you need to pay for a service in which you have to do something? For example, some companies may offer you a list of sites with which you can cooperate, but all subsequent actions will be yours.

You should pay attention to those companies that offer the full-service package, like Adsy. That is, a minimum of information will be required from you, and all subsequent actions will be performed by professionals at

4. Check up the Range of Available Third-Party Websites

Since one of the criteria for this strategy’s success is the appropriate audience, then every company that provides high-quality backlinks building services should offer a wide range of partner sites.

For example, a company must have an extensive base for both legal and medical profiles. The more such fields a company covers, the better. Remember that a company does not have to provide a single solution for all areas of the business.

5. Prioritize Companies with Transparent Pricing

Conscientious companies provide their clients with open access to the database of sites, where the client can get acquainted with each partner site’s prices. That is, you will have the opportunity to choose those sites that will suit the cost of placement. This allows you to get the service based on your capabilities.

Also, this opportunity creates an open pricing policy. You will understand what you are paying for and how much the service will cost you. Good companies do not hide their prices but provide their clients with a complete understanding of what they are paying for.

6. Look for the Service That’s Easy to Deal With

After having a base of sites, the next important point is that the company should do the content placement. That is, if you are satisfied with the partner’s site, you should easily place content there, and all negotiations regarding prices and requirements for content should be decided by the company.

Conscientious companies require only their customer’s approval regarding a particular place of publication, and specialists solve further questions. Simply put, you should not be involved in negotiations with a partner’s website.

7. Find Out If the Company Can Create Guest Content for You

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the content always comes first, regardless of its placement. However, in the case of link building, you will need to create content in accordance with the requirements of the partner’s site. Many agencies offer to create this kind of content without your input. That is, you can completely entrust the company with not only link building but also the necessary content creation.

This feature is especially useful for those who are not into copywriting or do not want to hire one. Thus, you will not need to look for a third-party specialist who will write an article that suits your your business’s requirements.

8. Read Reviews

Well, why not check companies using the usual method? As a rule, trustworthy link building agencies won’t have numerous negative reviews, and that’s true. What’s more, you should expect to see the reviews from real customers, which is also easy to check. Honest testimonials are genuine and specific; that is, a satisfied customer shares certain details, while fake testimonials are vast and watery in most cases.

Analyze what the others say about the company you are planning to cooperate with. It’s always beneficial to learn about the outside experience before spending your money.

The Final Verdict

Now you have a complete guide with which you can weed out service providers who will not bring you the desired result. Pay attention to top companies, not SEO specialists or freelancers. Link building is not the best place to economize or experiment. It is better to pay once and enjoy the fact that your site is in the top 10 Google search results. Remember that the cost of a mistake in this matter is much higher than the price of a service from a quality provider.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.