How Profitable is a Dumpster Business?

A dumpster business can be a gold mine if adequately managed due to the high demand for the service. The enormous potential of the dumpster business stems from the fact that every individual practices’ waste disposal every day. The demand rises from the domestic homesteads to corporate establishments to the industrial setting. The current size of the dumpster business market is worth over $414 million, which shows that there is enormous potential for massive revenue collection in the field. Despite the massive demand for the service, a dumpster business might turn into a money pit if one is not carefully prepared. The primary source of revenue for the dumpster business is the money collected from the client, which is calculated based on the billing strategies employed by the company. 


These various sources can provide you with worthwhile profits if well managed. 

Trends in the Dumpster Industry

The majority of the dumpster business comprises rental dumpster services that provide dumpsters of varying sizes to clients in various fields. Some of these fields include households, food vendors, medical fields, industrial fields and most of the other areas. Most dumpster company experts operate on rentals and provide the dumpsters at the convenient location and pick them up at the end of the lease period. Thus, the operation of the dumpster business is different from garbage collection and disposal. The revenue generated mostly accounts for the lease of the dumpsters. 


Recently, there has been an enormous increase in the demand for dumpsters. The growth originates from the vibrant growth in the economy. As the economy builds up, there are more and more industrial construction activities, consumer expenditure and the general increase in corporate activities, which are the essential suppliers of the dumpster business. There has been a steady growth rate of the amount of revenue collected in the industry that grows at 2.3% per year to reach the $414 million at the end of 2019. All this money provides ways for the dumpster business.

Ways To Make Your Dumpster Business Profitable

The success of a dumpster business depends on the planning of the business way before making that huge investment into the market. The following tips can help with the vital aspect you need to consider in the venture. Do enough research on the availability of the opportunity in the area. While there is a high demand for the dumpster service in any place with economic activity, this could be already served by an existing dumpster service. It is essential to find out how much competition is available in the area.


Find out the necessary support activities you can provide alongside the dumpster service that can provide you with a competitive advantage over other businesses. Building key relationships with the prospective business partners in the field, including the clients, real estate management officers and even the garbage collectors. Increasing your scope of coverage in the garbage industry. Instead of providing dumpsters only, one can decide to include the garbage collection services to the clients to increase the amount of revenue to be collected from the clients. 

Trash Collection Contracts

Most of the big cities hire the services of prominent regional and national trash disposal firms by the use of contracts. These contracts usually last for a specified period, which in most cases is more than a year. These contracts make it difficult for individual garbage operators to compete in such instances since such large corporations can provide cheaper services and provide massive service. However, the opportunity lies in smaller municipal groups such as the school districts which have less need for the garbage collection and prefer smaller companies or individual operators. 

Trash Recycling

Trash recycling business operates hand in hand with individuals in the garbage industry and provides one of the most reliable partners in the dumpster business. Most of the raw materials used in the recycling business, such as plastic bags and even metals are available in the trash. Most recyclers do not have enough infrastructure to get the dumpsters to collect and sort the garbage and thus, they need dumpster services and general garbage collection services.  

All these avenues provide the massive potential for investment in the dumpster business that can be well exploited to make a lot of profit. Handling other people’s trash might not be a first-choice career choice or startup idea for many, but is a goldmine of opportunity. This tip comes in handy for an individual willing to start the dumpster business or to increase profit in an existing business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.