How Online Life Coaching Is Helping Small Businesses

Many families across the country are mustering up the courage to take their life savings and invest it into a small business. Just watching shows like Shark Tank and you can see that the American Dream is alive and well.

Yet while many of these new entrepreneurs have access to more information about how to make a business succeed, many are still struggling because they lack clarity and the ability to make difficult decisions when necessary to help them get their company to the next level. Because of this, many have sought the support of an online life coach who can help guide these small business owners from the comfort of their home or office.

What is an online life coach?

Long gone are the days where clients would need to be stuck in their cars sitting in traffic to trek across town to work with a coach. With the advent of tools like Skype, web conferencing, and text, now small business owners can gain access to coaches and mentors from all over the world who can support them along their entrepreneurial journey.

And because they now have direct access to these individuals at their fingertips, many are seeing astounding results almost instantaneously. Many online life coaches provide assistance through texting which means that if the business owner gets stuck, no longer do they have to wait until their next meeting to get help. They can instantly text their coach and gain the insight needed to help them move forward.

Wider Selection

Another great benefit of working with a virtual coach is that the client now has a greater selection of coaches they can choose from. In the old days a client was stuck to have to work with someone close to their home or office. But now they can work with anyone in the world who is better suited to fit their needs.

This not only allows the small business owner to find someone who fits their personality better, but they can also shop around for better pricing as coaching can be quite expensive coasting upwards of thousands of dollars a month.

Multiple Skill Sets

As the coaching industry has evolved over the years, the lines are getting somewhat blurred as many coaches have also been trained as counselors or therapists. For some business owners this can be a great advantage since some may have emotional or traumatic issues they need to work through that could be affecting their ability to run their company efficiently.

Due to the nature of high stress businesses, many owners can find themselves overwhelmed and riddled with anxiety and this is where these types of coaches can come in handy because not only can they help keep them focused, but they can also take them through talk therapy to work through old drama that could be holding their performance back.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.