How Electronic Health Records can Save Your Practice Money

New technologies are being developed every day to help improve the efficiency of medical personnel in caring for their patients. One such technology that is helping to revolutionize medical care is Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software, also known as Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

There are thousands of EMR software companies who aim to help not only improve the efficiency of medical care, but also reduce practice costs for medical professionals.

Here are several ways that EHRs can help reduce your practice costs.

Go Paperless

A decade ago, nine out of ten doctors were updating their patient’s files by hand, storing the information in color-coded files. Now, approximately 90% of physicians who are office based are using some form of EHR.

EMRs allow you to go paperless, which comes with many advantages. One of which is that you won’t have to spend as much money on paper products, which in itself will save you money. EHRs allow you to keep patient information in an electronic format, meaning that you won’t need as much paper or folders for your practice.

Going paperless also means that you don’t have to worry about complex filing systems. Rather than filling up your office space with filing cabinets, you are free to utilize that space for extra medical equipment or even more decorations.

Maximize Productivity

According to EMR Consultants True North ITG Inc, Electronic Health Records can also help you maximize the productivity of your office. Whether it’s managing patients, sending office memos, or uploading documents, you can streamline these processes, allowing you to focus more on caring for your patients.

EHRs can also help you save time and reduce the number of phone calls your office receives through e-Prescribing. This method also comes with the added bonus of saving your patients money, as the software may be able to help your patients find valuable coupons.

Electronic Medical Records can also allow you to easily complete and send superbills electronically, reducing the amount of paperwork in your office.

Reduce Medical Errors

Medical errors cost practices roughly $19.5 billion a year. When accounting for productivity lost due to these errors, it is estimated to cost up to $ 1 trillion dollars a year. Unfortunately, Medical errors also are a leading cause of death in the United States, placing third after heart disease and cancer.

Healthcare IT Support systems are helping to combat the above statistics. EMRs are designed to help you more efficiently and more accurately keep track of your patient’s health. In turn, this will allow you to save money by making fewer mistakes and simultaneously help improve the health of your patients.

Learn More about EHR Benefits

This article has only gone over a few ways that EHR software can help you reduce your practice costs. Discover for yourself how this software technology can help you make your practice more efficient and cost-effective.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.