How Divorce Can Make a Small Business Suffer

Going through a divorce, or the threat of an impending divorce is a couple’s worst nightmare. Besides the deep and painful emotional turmoil of breaking up with someone you thought would be in your life forever, there are countless legal and financial ramifications that you would have to be prepared for as well. The trouble is compounded if children are in the mix; the stress of a prolonged custody battle can create a scarring trauma that blights the family for many years.

The following are a few ways in which people inadvertently sabotage their relationship, and end up dealing with an ugly divorce.

Financial Misery

Economic stress can place a huge strain on the relationship, especially when the couple doesn’t feel as though they can discuss things openly together. If the spouse who is typically viewed as the bread maker is suddenly out of a job, the financial effects of that are, of course, huge. Furthermore, it can lead to severe depression, which will only exacerbate everyone’s struggles.

Another way money can wreak havoc on marriage is if one spouse spends too much, hides assets from their partner, and so on. Spending carelessly without worrying about the bills, paying for school, taking care of the family’s medical bills are all signs of incredible selfishness and an utter disregard for everyone’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, it happens more often than one would think, breaking the couple’s trust to one another and eventually leading to ugly divorce proceedings.

Also, there is a spouse who hides extra credit cards, property, and mounds of money from their partner. This is equally egregious, as it indicates a deep lack of honesty in the relationship. In fact, divorce lawyers often take this as a sign of shifty finances and would bring the matter to court straight away. This is intended to shed light on a severe problem in the marriage, one that would warrant a form of financial compensation according to the law. This is also why there are couples who sign a prenuptial agreement even before being wedded together.

Anger Management 

If one or both partners in a marriage have trouble controlling their temper, then this is generally a bad sign. A propensity for anger doesn’t bode well in terms of the couple being able to communicate properly and share their concerns as any healthy couple would. Instead, the endless bickering and screaming matches are not only stressful, but they can also amount to a form of emotional abuse. The toxicity also places an inordinate amount of pressure on the shoulders of children, who have to deal with the ugliness and threats on a daily basis.

In the worst cases, the screaming matches can become physically abusive, allowing for full-blown domestic violence to infiltrate the home, creating further instability and would undoubtedly be compelling grounds for a divorce. 

Excessive Paranoia

A jealous partner is not the goofy and benign figure that pop culture wants us to believe. He or she is potentially destructive and will quickly abort the familial unit if no one takes a step to admit that they have a problem and should seek help.

In the worst cases, paranoia is not framed within the confines of romantic anger, but rather a deep and unsettling doubt regarding everything the spouse says or does. Some will second guess every single thing their partner says or does, convinced that he or she will double-cross them in some way, or hurt them. This is most definitely a quick way to sabotage a relationship, and incur irreparable harm to a family. 


Cheating – even if it’s the more emotional variety with no physical contact – can end things pretty quickly for any couple, no matter how much they love each other. Embarking on an affair is a terrible way of doing away with a relationship, and even if the couple manages to leave one episode fairly unscathed, the aftermath will linger for months if not years. It erodes trust and creates more paranoia in a marriage, which is a deeply unhealthy combination according to these infidelity statistics.

Parental Abuse

If one spouse is abusive verbally or physically towards a child, ending the deal is definitely a no brainer, to resolve the issue, you have to contact a couple of experienced child custody lawyers in Houston. Unfortunately, many people deal with depression and other mental health issues without resorting to professionals for help, causing them to take out their feelings of anger, abandonment, and confusion on their children. If the spouse refuses to seek help, then this is grounds for divorce.

Divorce is a terribly painful ordeal for everyone involved, and the legal proceedings take quite an emotional toll. Seeking the relevant counselors, therapists, and others who might be of assistance can hopefully help avert the storm. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.