Five Ideas for Attracting Customers to Your Store

This question is essential for any retail business owner. However, it is not just the attraction of new consumers that should form the core of your strategy. It is vital to ensure they become repeat customers who keep choosing your services over those of your rivals. Here are five useful ideas to help you boost profits and customer base. 

  • Arrange impressive window displays

The purpose of a good display is not only to showcase the most attractive goods. It should tell a story and do it coherently. If you are in a popular destination with great foot traffic, create a great window that tells a single story and tells it well. It must invite passersby and spark their curiosity. 

Naturally, the windows should also feature discounts to lure in customers looking for special reals. For instance, you can check out General Dollar weekly ads on Rabato since this store frequently offers deals and discounts on goods. However, there is so much more you can do.

For example, consider this smart arrangement for a jewelry store. A young lady is sitting on a park bench, looking at her fiance on bended knee. In this scene, the young man is placing a sparkling diamond ring on her lover’s finger. Meanwhile, an older woman is admiring her own ring on the other edge of the bench. The sign says, “A diamond is forever.”

  • Use a portable sign

This trick will not cost you much. The sign should be eye-catching and original. There could be a bulleted list of your competitive advantages, a memorable saying, or mention of a much-coveted item. Include something more than the boring “Sale” word.

  •  Decoration on the outside

There may be city ordinances in the way. However, if you do have the opportunity to make your walls instantly recognizable and memorable, go for it. Sometimes, it may be possible to arrange some form of decoration for 90 days. Make sure the design is related to your product range.

Alternatively, it is still worth putting a tall banner in bright colors. This could feature images of your most attractive products. Finally, you could get a free-standing banner holder and place it by the entrance. The design may be changed monthly to keep the image fresh. 

  • Get a welcome mat

Even the simplest mat saying “Welcome” will draw the attention of passersby. For instance, a florist could scatter red rose petals on the sidewalk, so it looks like a red carpet guiding customers into the store. Some retailers write on sidewalks with chalk. 

This could include arrows pointing in the right direction, interesting sayings, or drawings of products. Why not use a frequently googled question? For example, how to eat healthy food and not spend a lot of money.

  • Use balloons 

This is often the cheapest way guaranteed to capture attention. Tie the strings them to the railing if you have one. Alternatively, lay out some cinder-blocks and attach the balloons through the holes. The foundation could be disguised with a cloth. 

Make sure the balloons are fully inflated at all times. Keep in mind that helium will deflate when exposed to sunlight. Whether in a mall or around a separate building, you cannot go wrong with balloons.

Ryan Kh

Ryan Kahn, known as a career coach and television personality. Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group, author of Hired!