How AI Is Reshaping the Future of Construction Technology & Jobsites

Artificial intelligence is something which we come across in science fiction movies these days. However, it is much more than that and it has become an integral part of various industries at present including the construction industry. 

AI or artificial intelligence is actually a machine which will be able to mimic human cognitive functions which consist of pattern recognition, problem-solving, and so forth. 

AI is something which will be able to fully comprehend humans and also provide insights which can be used.

Just like the various construction technologies such as the usage of orange cones for road safety and virtual reality which have affected the construction industry significantly, AI is likewise reshaping the future of jobsites and construction technology right now.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned how AI is benefiting the construction industry in 2021.

1. Risk mitigation

The present construction projects have certain risks that come in various forms like safety, quality, cost risk, and time. 

The bigger the project, the more will be the risk given that there are quite a few subcontractors working on various trades simultaneously on jobsites. 

The contractors make use of AI for monitoring and prioritizing risks on the jobsites such that it is possible for the project team to focus their limited resources and time on the most significant risk factors. 

Artificial intelligence is used to assign priority automatically to issues. Subcontractors will be rated according to the risk score so that it is possible for the construction managers to work closely with high-risk teams for mitigating risk.

2. Jobsites will become more productive

You will come across companies which are known to provide self-driving construction machinery for performing repetitive tasks more effectively as compared to their human counterparts. For example, bricklaying, pouring concrete, demolition, as well as welding. 

Prep work and excavation will be designated by bulldozers which will be able to create a jobsite with the assistance of a human programmer. 

This helps to make the human workers free for the construction job itself and will also minimize the total time needed for completing the project. Jobsite work can also be monitored by project managers in real-time. 

They will be able to evaluate worker productivity by making usage of on-site cameras, facial recognition, and similar technologies.

3. Construction safety

It is a fact that construction workers lose their lives on jobsites 5 times more often as compared to other laborers. The main cause of deaths in the private sector in the construction industry is falls, which are followed by electrocution, hit by an object, and caught in between. 

A General Contractor which is Boston-based is responsible for developing an algorithm which can analyze photographs from jobsites, scan them for safety hazards, for example, workers not putting on protective equipment, and so on. 

According to the company, it will be able to compute risk ratings for the projects in such a way that safety briefings can be held once a threat has been detected.

4. Deal with labor deficiencies

Labor deficiency and a desire to improve the overall productivity of the industry are forcing the majority of construction companies to invest in artificial intelligence. 

According to a report published in the year 2017, it will be possible for construction companies to enhance productivity by approximately 50% through real-time data analysis. 

AI is being used by construction companies for better planning the distribution of labor as well as machinery across jobs. 

In fact, a robot assessing job progress as well as the location of equipment and workers which will allow the project managers to assert instantaneously which particular jobsites have sufficient equipment and workers for accomplishing the project on time can be set up. 

According to experts, construction robots are more autonomous and intelligent with artificial intelligence techniques.


Using AI for improving the safety of human laborers in construction jobsites is beginning to gain prominence amongst the majority of the large construction companies at present. 

It is expected to see lots of AI vendors working on enhancing the productivity of the construction procedures from monitoring to planning during the construction process in the subsequent 5 years or so. 

It is imperative for the construction company owners to prioritize investment centered on the areas where artificial intelligence will be able to impact the unique requirements of their companies to a great extent.

Heron Nelson

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