Getting Ahead of The Curve and Finding a Lawyer To Help After a Car Accident

There is no reason for you to have a huge list of lawyers in your speed dial, as the large majority of us are never likely to need one. It is irrelevant for example that you keep the number of an environmental lawyer or a dog bite attorney because these are contacts which you will be much better off spending the time in finding after something has occurred. There are things in life which are far more probable, however, and a car accident is something which could befall any of us.

Following an accident that was not your fault, you may find that you have an injury and wish to pursue a claim. If this does happen then the last thing you will want to do is research a high-quality and specialist lawyer, so having one in your phone already will be a smart move. Here is what to look for when you are finding a great car accident or a personal injury lawyer.


Much like any other type of service, testimonials and recommendations can really help you out. This is why you should always speak to anyone you know who has gone through this, and use online reviews, to identify which local lawyers have given great service to its clients. Take a number of someone who has performed well, and keep their number on hand.


Following something as traumatic as a car accident, you need to know that you have someone on side who understands what you are going through., Most importantly you need someone to take you through this in a way that doesn’t add extra stress. This is exactly why you should put your faith in someone who is well experienced in this aspect of the law. The more experience which they have, the more confidence they will instill in you, and the more comfortable they will make this process for you.

Big Firm

 If possible you should also be looking for someone who works with a large law firm, as this will give them more clout when the case gets started. In the large majority of these cases, there is an out of court settlement, which is negotiated between the lawyer and the insurance company’s team of lawyers. If you are working with an independent attorney then the insurance company may try to blow them out of the water with a low ball offer, knowing how costly a case will be. Using a law firm gives you more power for negotiation.

Reputation of Success

And finally, you should be looking for a winner and someone who can present a track record of good results which they have had for their clients. After all, nobody wants to go into this kind of situation thinking that they may lose, so having a lawyer who knows what it takes to win will be critical.

Getting ahead of the curve may seem like it is tempting fate, but the reality is that accidents happen and if you need legal support afterward, it is better to have someone who you can call straight away.


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