Four Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2021

Like many others, you would probably spend more time sitting in an office chair than sleeping in your own bed. When that happens to be the case, finding a great ergonomic office chair should be your number one priority if you don’t want to suffer the long-term fallout from continuously letting yourself be seated in horribly designed chairs that leave your body aching. If you’re looking for some recommendations on ergonomic office chairs to choose from, feel free to take a peek at what these five chairs have to offer for your backside.

Ergohuman Classic Mesh

Mesh chairs are still a household favorite when it comes to ergonomic office chairs, and this particular product from Ergohuman puts a new spin on the existing structure. The Ergohuman Classic Mesh has multiple flexible points that allow you to arrange and adjust your chair according to how you’re feeling that day – and of course, what type of work you happen to be tackling.

Regardless of what you’re using it for, however, the chair provides excellent back support, which makes it perfect if you’re the type that would end up sitting on this chair for very long periods of time. As with many Ergohuman products, the price can be steep – prepare to shell out at least $690.00 to own a brand new version of the Classic Mesh.

IKEA Markus

What makes a great office chair? For starters – great reviews would be one. And if there’s anything that the IKEA Markus can attest to, it has to be the never-ending satisfied customers who choose to repurchase the IKEA Markus, over and over again, even though it’s not exactly the most technologically advanced office chair on the list.

As with many ergonomically designed office chairs, the IKEA Markus can be adjusted according to what the person needs, from height to tilt. It is also made of mesh, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a chair that won’t make you feel uncomfortable in summer. Considering its 10-year warranty, it is impressive that the Markus is relatively affordable compared to many on this list – with $329, you can have one of these in your home office.

Herman Miller Sayl

Jeremy Ellis from LaunchPad says “Herman Miller is one of the most exclusive brands in the world when it comes to office chairs, and although they are in no shortage when it comes to product offerings, the Aeron continues to be a top choice for many who favors this brand. The Herman Miller Sayl may not have the height that many other chairs in this list have, but there’s no argument that this chair, just like all their other chairs, is designed for long-lasting comfort, with a design that adjusts to your body shape. “

What makes the Aeron an attractive option in comparison to the other Herman Miller products is its relatively affordable price, despite having the same 12-year warranty as many other Herman Miller chairs. Prepare to pay $790 if you’re interested in owning a Herman Miller Sayl,

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Though the brand is not as globally renowned as some others on this list, Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair can be a fine option for you if you’re looking for something that won’t empty out your bank account. Sihoo is a Chinese brand and specializes only in creating office chairs. For the Ergonomic Office Chair, they used mesh-based materials for the product and designed the structure to be fully adjustable.

The chair is well-suited for tall people and can easily fit someone whose height is between 170 to 190 centimeters. Considering the style and structure of the chair, it is interesting that you can easily purchase a brand new Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair for $329. The chair also comes with a three-year warranty period, so there’s some guarantee to the chair’s quality.

Great office chairs should be a point of concern for everyone who spends a lot of time on a desk job. Although finding a suitable office chair that can meet your needs for comfort and price requirement can be difficult, it is not an impossible task for you to undertake. Don’t be afraid of buying secondhand office chairs if you can get better quality chairs that won’t leave you with all-day soreness.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.