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Falling prey to phishing or security attacks can rob your brand reputation – Choose penetration testing today

Since most companies aim to get digital, they must ensure they have reasonable security solutions. Most cybercriminals employ sophisticated phishing and other security attacks that can rob small and middle-sized companies of their data and cash reserve. And these companies lack the necessary funds and resources to fight the loss. Hence, staying aware and apt security measures is essential.

Phishing and other security attacks are becoming popular because cybercriminals are becoming smart. Above all, only some companies are trying to determine whether their security systems are intelligent and intuitive enough to detect a security breach. For this reason, forward-thinking companies need to say yes to penetration testing. You can check out the penetration testing services website to know more about it.It will help you see where you stand regarding your security infrastructure and how you can make it practical and attack-proof.

The pitfalls of phishing and security attacks

You are wrong if you think the after-effects of phishing and security attacks are minimal. Several global brands have lost their data, money, and company goodwill to several attacks crafted by cyber criminals. Some of the after-effects of such attacks are:

Loss of mission-critical data

When your staff clicks on any malicious link, it can make them give access to their system and data to a hacker. After that, the hacker can do all they want and take their criminal objectives ahead. Data loss can make your company lose out on essential details. If yours is a medical brand, it can make you lose out on your patient health data which criminals can misuse and trap. If you are a banking brand, cybercriminals can steal customers’ financial data and rob them of their money. The loss can be impossible to recover.

You lose your business reputation

Some companies suffer from reputation loss after a massive data breach. When a brand declares data loss, it can make them lose the goodwill and business reputation they have worked hard to attain. Only some customers will understand that the brand is vulnerable to a third-party attack. And as a result, they might stop transacting with the brand, leading to fewer sales and enormous losses. Also, the brand might take ample time to retrieve the lost data and reputation. By then, other similar brands in the market might have made significant headway, which will be challenging for the affected brand to catch up.

Direct cash loss

You will need extra money to manage your identity security. That aside, you will also have to compensate the customers and your employees for the data loss owing to the security breach. There is also a possibility that the hacker transfers the funds from the brand’s account to another account, leading to a monetary loss.

You can avert all this by knowing if you have a robust security system or not. Here you need to employ penetration testing and act on the feedback you get so you don’t incur more losses.

Jared Freen

Jared is a dynamic and driven journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth and sharing untold stories. With over a decade of experience reporting from the front lines of some of the world's most volatile regions, Jared has a reputation for fearlessly pursuing the facts, no matter how challenging or dangerous the situation.