Expert Tips for Hiring the Best Courier Service

Any business knows just how critical hiring the right courier is. Fast delivery times, orderly tracking of delivery, good security, and amazing customer service.  

But things get really interesting when we consider that every courier wants to be the best in the industry. So with the growing demand, there is a need to sort out how to pick a courier service. For that we visited which looks like a very professional company.

Check out the following criteria for narrowing down to a good (if not the best) courier. This list is not exhaustive, but at least you are a step closer to having happy clients and saving a good amount of cash and worry.


This simply means that if a courier is really that good, you can be sure it is serving several good companies with highly specialized needs; think well before you decide to put yourself on their list. Sit down with that courier and lay it all out: schedule and timelines to hit, budgets, sources and destinations, etc. It’s even more critical if your products are fast moving consumer goods.

Security and Insurance

Imagine that your goods never make it to their desired location, or that they do make it but in deplorable conditions. Any businessman will of course cover any risk of liability, and get the services of a courier that “simply works” and gets concerns out of your mind. Dig out and have clear facts about the insurance coverage of your courier, then you can decide better.


Couriers provide services at a premium versus mail, but fortunately it does not mean outright that the costs are too dear. It may help to know that the cost does not necessarily correlate to a difference in service.

Local Vs. National Or Global

A local company is a prudent choice if the transportation range is  small. The advantage to local couriers is that they are capable of more efficiency and flexibility compared to larger companies trying to establish in a local setting.


A courier’s specialization and adaptation is important since the courier has to have evolved some efficient techniques and strategies for successfully shipping your goods. For example, it is helpful to know if a refrigerated transportation expert has various expert strategies that sets it apart from the rest.


What technology for tracking delivery does your courier use? Backward technology can be a crutch, and lead to unsatisfactory success rate and disappointing customer satisfaction overall.

When plenty of usable technologies are crowding a delivery and logistics field, the technology employed by a courier is an insight into the brand of quality of that company.

‍Proof of Delivery

If a courier provides proof of delivery for critical products and goods, and communicates it to you in several modes, then it seems you have winner. The transparency and accountability as hallmarks of professionalism will go a long way to instill trust both in the sender and the recipient. Tracking proves valuable when the shipping period takes many hours or even up to several days. However tracking is not as essential for shipments that get completed in an hour or two.

Some couriers have added the high tech touch by sending a text message to customers, detailing the exact date and time of both the estimated and actual delivery, and even the name of the courier truck driver. All this shows the critical role of the courier for a solid shipping (and modern shopping) experience.  

Track Record

As always, the track record over a good period of time is a highlight factor as regards choosing the best courier. A lot of companies consider it a source of pride to have a high percentage of on-time delivery. And it is not that hard nowadays to research performance; these information are in the form of Google and Yelp ratings and are available to the public.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.