Great Tips For Smart YouTube Marketing

There are numerous platforms where you can market your brand and YouTube is one of the most popular.

However, to get your name out there, you need a few tips and tricks to ensure you do it in the right manner and get those highly sought-after views. You might have heard that Socinator gives good results. However, it is always recommended to read the reviews before taking any service.

Here are some YouTube marketing tips that will improve your campaign:

Utilize Keywords and Call to Actions (CTAs)

There is no denying that YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform and for this, most people perceive it as a search engine for videos. Ideally, the fact that it is owned by Google increases its search capabilities and so, you should always include keywords in your video tags and description.

When uploading a video, you will see an option that allows you to tag with common keywords that will help others find your video when they do a search on the platform. For instance, if you are a florist and post a clip on the kind of flowers people should use in summer, ensure you put tags such as #summerwedding, #weddingflowers and the like. You’ll also want to tag the video with the featured flower species as this will expand the reach as well as the audience.

It is also advisable to include a robust call to action at the end of the clip as well as on the description section. Include actionable verbs such as -subscribe, like, follow, visit the link, buy, etc. Seasoned YouTubers always end their videos with a CTA such as ‘like and subscribe’, ‘turn on the notification bell’, ‘buy the merch in the description’, etc.

Examples of other strong CTAs for Youtube include:

-Get in touch with us today on (phone number or email)

-Follow us on social media

-Subscribe for more awesome videos

Also, include links to your social media profiles or website on the description box so that the interested viewers can follow and visit, straight from YouTube. It is also worth adding them to the about section of your channel.

Do Not Always Attempt To Go Viral

Viral videos are great for making headlines and attracting great publicity to a brand, but going viral should not be the goal of every video you make. Viral videos are special are they are distinct. However, creating content that is clearly designed to gain publicity makes it lose special quality.

Instead, focus on making videos that are important to your brand and consumers and make an emphasis on relevance and quality. Do not focus on how many views you are going to get.

Views are without a shadow of a doubt important, but it is better to create a robust and loyal audience with creative content. If you have a great idea that goes viral on social media, excellent, and if not, do not fret over it. Steady organic growth is way better than a one-hit wonder.

Pick a Tone and Style for Your Channel

Before you even start posting videos on YouTube, it’s imperative that you sit down and decide on the tone and style of your content. Maintaining a consistent style and tone throughout your videos is important as it portrays professionalism and makes the experience of watching videos more enjoyable.

You should brainstorm answers to questions such as:

-What is my target audience and demographics?

-How do I want to introduce and conclude my YouTube videos?

-What should my call to action be?

-Will I have actors or staff members in the videos?

-What tone do I want to give out? Sleek and professional or hip and friendly?

-What kind of videos do I want to post?

-Should I incorporate comedy in the videos?

-Will I be creating the content or should I hire a videographer?

-Do I wish to bring guest content creators? Are there any influencers or YouTube personalities that I would want to collab with?

These questions should guide you in picking a style and tone that will eventually lead to a loyal fanbase.

Do Not Mix Corporate and Consumer Content

When creating videos for YouTube, it can be tempting to gear some of them towards a corporate market and others towards potential customers. However, this often leads to dissonance and makes your channel feel awkward and disjointed. You viewers will only get frustrated when they click on a video, only to discover that it was not made for them.

If you want to target different entities, consider making two separate channels, one for the consumers and one for the corporate partners. This might reduce your potential views, but it helps preserve consistency and effectiveness in delivering your message in both groups.

Also, since people search for specific Videos on YouTube, separating the two will ideally make it easier to find what they are searching for.

Incorporate Various Types of Videos

One of the best things about YouTube is that you have the chance to make any type of video you want. The platform welcomes innovation and creativity and the possibilities are endless. So, try and incorporate various video formats and series within your marketing campaign and then buy YouTube views to increase the chances of people watching your video. Here are some good ideas for videos.

-Informative and creative how-to videos can help consumers use your product or do tasks related to the service you provide.

-Make unboxing videos to showcase your new products and increase attention for a particular product.

-Broadcast corporate events via the platform’s live stream feature

-Upload testimonials from consumers

-Give a tour of your offices, company buildings, etc

-Upload Question & Answer videos with company staff using comments that your followers or subscribers provide

-Invite a popular YouTube personality or influencer to collab on a video together

-Interview one staff member per month about their experience in your company and what they like about your culture.

-Post adverts and commercials for upcoming products, services and sales.

-Transform your blog posts into YouTube videos. For instance, you can demonstrate ‘Top ways to clean your roof during summer’ in a video format

-Incorporate workplace highlight videos, like a clip showing that year’s office Halloween or Christmas decorations.

The ideas of creating content for YouTube are endless.

Video marketing has been rapidly growing in the last couple of years and it’s only going to improve. Stay ahead of the game by joining the numerous businesses who have YouTube channels for their audience or consumers.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.