CTV Advertising — A Creative Way of Engaging With Your Customers

Advanced television keeps on booming. More and more cord-cutters and cord-nevers are migrating to the CTV & OTT dimension. As the audience grows, brands are allocating huge budgets for this advertising channel. According to eMarketer, CTV ad spends in the U.S. will constitute almost $11 billion in the current year, and hit approximately $14 billion by 2023.

The reason for such ascending popularity among advertisers is that digital TV has deliverables to offer them. We are talking about applying all the capabilities of traditional programmatic advertising in terms of entertainment video content consumption. Connected television and OTT support targeted advertising including geofencing configuration and possess a high view-through rate. Also, the manifold connected tv ad formats improve interaction with a viewer and bring high-engagement output. 

Digital TV Ad Formats

Cutting to the chase, there are the three main video advertising formats available on ATV:

In-Stream Ads. Similar to the classic cable television advertising, in-stream ads can be incepted in any place of a video content piece. By choosing prerolls, midrolls, postrolls options, your ad can be displayed before, during, or after the main content.

Pause Video Ads. As its name suggests, a user sees an ad when he/she pauses a video. This format deems to be non-intrusive and non-disruptive as a message is shown when a viewer decided to take a break on its own. 

QR Code Ads. Extremely interactive format. Works perfectly to:

  • Redirect prospects to a website
  • Generate leads with form submissions
  • Drive the number of followers and likes on social media
  • Increase app installations
  • Receive online payments.

As we can see there is enough space for brands to make various maneuvers across this channel. So the homework is to analyze which one gives the utmost outputs in every single case. 

Dos and don’ts examples

Connected TV and OTT advertising can deliver excellent results if it’s carried out with a reasonable approach. And vice versa, you can squander ad budgets if you’re going to fly blind. Here’re several tips and hints to bear in mind when an advanced TV ad campaign is on the agenda.  

Remember about a display area. Although it is called an advanced TV advertisement, these commercials are shown on various devices that have different display sizes. Since ATV ads are available on any internet-connected gadget, besides television itself, it can be a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. At this point, design your creatives with a value proposition in bold. Don’t neglect using large and bright fronts to make sure it will capture user’s attention. 

Think of creating ad series. Producing truly engaging and interesting advertising is a tough row to hue. Best clips are solidly creative, involving, easy to percept and transmit brand’s message unambiguously. And if that’s the case, really funny humor in the script is the icing on the cake. That said, such commercial masterpieces are becoming boring sooner or later. That’s why some companies are filming a few solitary series of ads to be able to rotate them. Meanwhile, others prefer to make one storytelling advertisement divided into chunks which also works for diversification purposes. Finally, to save viewers from being overwhelmed, advertisers should pay attention to an ad frequency value they set within a campaign. It’s crucial not to overdo with impressions.     

And one more extra hint. Despite this method doesn’t refer to programmatic TV advertising, still, brands can drive benefits from it.

Consider product placement potential. Product placement or embedded marketing is a way to promote a product by incorporating it into a movie/TV series. For instance, when it comes to any boxing saga on a big screen, nine out of ten times we see the Everlast brand logo there. Take a while to find out if there is a sought-after TV show on air right now that can somehow resonate with your product so you might use this opportunity to increase your brand awareness.   

To Sum It Up

Advanced television offers diverse ad formats to advertisers and helps them grow a business up. CTV & OTT popularity is gaining momentum so the number of prospects for different industries is ascending. Just like any other advertising channel, digital TV requires a thorough approach. By studying smart strategies and tactics for video ad campaigns, brands can substantially reinforce their marketing arsenal.      


Drew Neisser