Cricut Design Space: What are SVG files?

What exactly is a free SVG file, and how can you use one in Cricut Design Space? Let’s start with an explanation of what an SVG file is.

What exactly is an SVG file?

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a two-dimensional vector image format. It is based on XML. It is, in essence, a cutting file for your Cricut or other die-cutting machines. It includes precise instructions for your die-cutting machine, such as where to cut, which colors to use, and other details.

An SVG has the benefit of being a high-quality picture. This image will retain its excellent quality and clarity even at very large sizes. Each hue will have its own layer. This is the second benefit of utilizing an SVG. This also makes it much easier to use the image on your Cricut according to SvgOcean.

A genuine SVG file will contain the extension .SVG when you download it. The icon for the file will seem similar to your regular apps on the desktop. 

How to Tell the Difference Between an Image and an SVG File

There are several methods for determining if your project needs a photo or an SVG file. To begin, if the file must be downloaded, it’s probably an SVG. Otherwise, it’s just a picture that you can save to your pictures folder by right-clicking on it.

If you get a nice preview image of the layout after saving it to your computer or phone, it is likely not an SVG file. In addition, the SVG file will always contain a website-based or HTML icon.

Another way you can tell if it is only a picture is Design Space will only allow you to modify the image, crop off the backdrop, or choose whether to save the file for print and cut or solely for cutting.

They are not, however, the same as SVG files. In addition, there are ways in Design Space for manipulating pictures and transforming them into fully colored, layered graphics.

Obtaining SVG files

You must first download an SVG image to your computer before you can use it. utilizing companies like SvgOcean can make this process a lot easier. The SVG file is frequently delivered in a zipped folder, which must always be decompressed before viewing. As a result, depending on the computer or device, you may need to use different methods to unzip a folder. As a result, you’ll need to perform some study on the particular device you’re utilizing.

To acquire an SVG file, first navigate to your downloads folder. After that, look for the download link. Unzipping the zip folder is sometimes necessary by right-clicking on it. The SVG file may then be brought into Cricut Design Space.

If you unzip the file and take a look inside, you’ll most likely find several variations of the same picture or image. One of these files might be a jpeg or png image. An SVG file will also be included. The file type, rather than the file name, should be what you are looking for. You can then go to Design Space and upload the SVG file.

Identifying file types doesn’t have to be difficult, and once you learn the basics, it will be just like riding a bike! You’ll be able to identify any type of file you come across. Hopefully these tips help you get to where you need to be with identifying SVG files and simplifying the use of your Cricut!

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