Creating Press Releases for Small Businesses That People Will Love

Press releases are a valuable and practical resource for small, medium, and large businesses. Creating and distributing a press release for any significant events happening in your industry, such as new products and services, acquisitions, can upcoming events are all great reasons for a little extra promotion.

Just like many other marketing and communication strategies, there are correct ways and incorrect ways to write a proper press release. When written correctly, press releases get people engaging in what you have to say about your business. But when your press release is all wrong, it may get read and forgotten or avoided entirely.

Here are some ways to write professional press releases that get read.

Why Are Press Releases Important?
Press releases are official statements that are syndicated to the media to create a buzz or announcement about a business. It’s an essential marketing strategy to generate positive media coverage for brand awareness.

Some businesses don’t seem to understand the value of using press releases, and their strategies only include email campaigns, direct marketing, and social media posts, which can lead to single sighted marketing.

By not including press releases in your small business marketing, you may be missing out on a lot of positive press and opportunities for more exposure.

Press releases give your business free publicity, and with so many syndication options from blogs to news sites, there is no reason not to start publishing your company news.

When to Publish Your Press Release?
The best time to put out a press release is when your business has noteworthy news. It’s good to create and publish your press release when your company is going through significant changes or releasing new products and services.

Businesses should not publish a press release on a whim. It’s best to post when your company is adding value or having a big reveal. If there is a big corporate event, sale, giveaway, or new product or service, these are times to get your news out to the public.

Tips for Creating Press Releases That People Read
Start by writing a well-crafted press release that journalists will be able to scan through and understand. They often have time constraints, so it is best to use a news format that is simple to read and concise. It should also grab their attention and keep the reader’s interest.

Press Release Creation
*Use correct formatting that adheres to the industry’s standards. Generally, you can find a press release sample online.
*Create an attention-getting headline.
*Be sure to add all the essential details in the top few lines of your press release as many readers scan for information.
*Make it interesting. Explain what it is your business has to offer to maximize engagement and get readers to click through to your offer.
*Personalize your press releases so that people will respond.
*Use famous quotes that match well with your message. It makes your message more human and meaningful when you add your customer and employee quotes.

It doesn’t take a lot of energy, time, or money to create and publish a great press release for your small business. If you put in a small amount of effort and publish your company news consistently, your press releases should make an impact on your marketing strategy.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.