Top Tips To Choose Suitable Models Of Forklifts When Renting One

Forklifts are one of the most versatile and handy heavy-duty equipment used in construction, warehouses, and ports. It is hard to imagine operations at warehouses without forklifts. The advantages of high speed and carrying capacity help in ensuring that operations are smooth and efficient. Also known as a lift truck, and fork hoist among others, heavy lift pneumatic models have handling capacities up to 125,000 pounds on. If you intend to rent one, here is all that you need to know about selection and compelling reasons that make rentals attractive.

Slash CapEx And Inventory Costs With Rentals

By virtue of being heavy duty machinery with advanced technology and impressive handling capacities, forklifts are not cheap acquisitions. In other words, your CapEx will shoot with an outright purchase. If you are looking at keeping your CapEx low, and managing your operations effectively, forklift rental will certainly be the best option. You can control your expenses better and ensure the availability of equipment.  This will help you to utilize your resources elsewhere in a more cost-effective manner without stressing out the balance sheets. There are other costs associated with maintaining a forklift and it rentals will help avoid the expenses.

How To Choose The Right Model/Type Of Forklift

While it may appear that all forklifts are the same, it is quite the contrary. Some of the more common categories include – lift trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, articulated forklift, turret trucks, models that operate outdoors on rough terrain, side loaders, and multidirectional models. This ideally needs to be the first filter that you employ to identify the most suitable model. For instance, if you need a model that should operate in confined and narrow corridors, then the turret model would be most suitable. You could also look at side loaders if the objects/consignments are on one side of narrow aisles.

Look At The Type Of Tires On The Models

This may sometimes appear as an afterthought for many when it comes to criteria but is actually an important factor. The wrong set of tires can actually jeopardize your operations and you may end up with a forklift that is not suitable for functioning in the desired environment. For instance, depending on the type of operation, you may need a model that has either solid tires, cushion tires or pneumatic tires. If your need is entirely indoor, with smooth surfaces, then cushion tires will work perfectly. If your need is for availability in the roughest terrain, then solid tires are the best bet. Pneumatic tires are suitable for most uses and find widespread applications in heavy-duty operations.

Multiple Parameters That You Need To Consider Before Selecting The Right Model

Of the many factors that you need to consider, the following are the most important criteria that you need to look at :

  • The maximum load carrying capacity and requirement
  • The nature of loads that need to be lifted
  • The type that is most suitable for specific operational requirements
  • The maximum lift height that will be necessary

Get a clear idea of your requirements and match the most suitable model available with the rental agency. You will also need to look at the terms of rental and the support offered by the agency.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.