How technology Made Furniture Shopping Easy

Technology as we know it is a completely integral part of our lives. If we look back a decade ago and the social and productivity landscape is nearly unrecognizable. Everything got faster. Everything got more convenient. Online shopping options like Deal Dash changed the way we looked at retail. Everything became customizable. This trend didn’t just happen to our cell phones and computing devices, it happened across the board. If you look at the world of furniture sales and manufacturing from a consumer standpoint, it might not come as quite a stark difference. But peel back the curtain just a little bit and you’ll see the clear signs of technology, making even furniture shopping a high tech endeavor. 

Digital Showrooms 

Furniture may still have its showcases and display rooms, but it’s on the digital platforms that the industry truly shines. Boutiques and designers alike no longer have to rely on a survey and long-winded market research to see which design works. They can rely on Virtual Reality, and so can the consumer. Let’s say you’re buying office furniture. Instead of hiring a professional opinion on what to get, you can directly fit virtual pieces of office system furniture into images of your office setting. This means that instead of spending resources actually going out and looking at individual pieces, you can handle all the design and fittings right from your computer. This technology is also true available for bedrooms, and hotels, and any other place that would need furniture. 

Logistics And Easy Shipping

Technology hasn’t just improved on the obvious searching side. The entire supply chain has been updated and logistics protocols are now the best they’ve ever been. This means that if you decide to have some furniture shipped, you can get it fast and at a lower cost than ever before. For smaller pieces you’re looking to buy multiple units of, you can get a few units and send the back if need be. It’s really that simple. This may not seem like much, but the ability to get furniture fast and hassle free eliminates a major problem that buyers decades ago had to face every time they ordered: long waits. Those long waits had people sitting on their broken couches for much longer than anybody wanted. It’s those long waits that kept older, traditional shops alive. The importance of urgency had yet to be addressed. That’s not the case anymore.

Hassle-Free Returns

Along with hassle free delivery came the most important home or office delivery feature offered: hassle free return. Due to the competition from expanded logistics and virtual fitting, these icing-on-the-cake features have become better, too. Hassle free return is often a part of any good tech-driven furniture company. The ability to get feedback and data for better service is of value to these companies. So returning them, although more costly, allows these conscious firms to improve in more ways. 

Furniture shopping is so much easier now than it ever was before. You don’t need to find a friend with a truck or a man with a van. You can sit and have each piece personally delivered quickly and with easy return policies. Browsing and shopping for these big pieces nowadays is like buying any other thing online, and that’s all thanks to evolving tech. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.