Best home gym equipment to stay fit while working from home

Getting a home gym is always the best option for those who do not have enough time to spend in gyms. With a home gym, you can plan your workout for your convenience and get it executed effectively. The very first part of setting the home gym is types of equipment. It is important to get the right types of equipment as per your workout routine. Since you are going to save a lot on expensive gym memberships, you can invest that amount in quality gym types of equipment.  Gym equipment is a one-time investment for developing your fitness routine.

Here is the list of Gym equipment that you can go through to purchase your home gym essentials.

A Yoga Mat

Yoga is considered the basic form of exercise if you do not wish to indulge in an intense workout but still want to work on each part of the body. You do not generally need any sort of equipment except the yoga mat. A yoga mat is not only useful for yoga exercise, but it is also useful in other kinds of equipment-less workouts that requires you to lie down on the floor.


Dumbbells or free weights are essential parts of the gym. You can invest in a good number of free weights if you are not ready for any other gym equipment. You can use it individually, or you can also use it in sets. These free weights are made up of cement, iron powder and covered in polyurethane. Their holding rods are covered in rubber, making it easier for you to hold the weights even if your palms are sweaty. On the other hand, if you’re planning to add some free weights and bars, bumper plates for home gym are a great call to make.

Rowing Machine

Another compact gym equipment which you can consider buying for your personal gym is a Rowing Machine. Rowing Machine helps to work on your glutes, chest, arms and legs, respectively. Using this machine is very simple. All you need to do is sit across it and pull the handle attached to it towards yourself while pushing on pedals. Here you can adjust the resistance as per your comfort, and the LCD screen attached to it shows the number of calories you have burned in that particular workout session.

Stationary Bike

There is no simple or great exercise than riding a bicycle. But it might not be possible for everyone due to various reasons. Hence you can get a stationary bike for this purpose and get the same benefits from it. It majorly works on your legs and hands. Here also you can control the resistance as per your capacity. With the display monitor, you can see the total calories burned while running, and you can also listen to your favourites as it comes with a tablet or phone holder.


Your home gym is incomplete without these mandatory equipment. You would find it in most households even if they do not have a proper home gym setup. If you like to go for a run but do not have a compatible surrounding, you can always hit on your treadmill. You can adjust the speed as per the capacity. The treadmill has been a boon during a pandemic for fitness enthusiasts those who love to run.

Suspension System

If you are looking for an intense full-body workout, then nothing can beat the Suspension training system. This system comprises two straps that use the anchor and looping mechanism to attach the anchoring and heating pipes. This will help you to attach the system at the backside of the closed door. Once the setup is done, you can start using these straps to work on your muscles. You can perform several steps with it, such as pull, push, squat, plunge, rotate and hang. These straps can hold resistance of up to 360 pounds.

Resistance Bands

You can opt for resistance bands if you do not wish to invest in a complete suspension system. These are elastic bands that are made of synthetic rubber or latex rubber. It also comes in various shapes and sizes. These bands are inexpensive, portable, adaptable and good for stretching exercises.

You can easily find this gym equipment online. There are many websites which offer great deals on it. You can also check out some offline stores near you. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.