Business Owners: How to Determine The Right Price When Selling Your Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster series is one of the most in-demand items in the Omega watch series because of how these were engineered. Not surprisingly, each brand-new Omega Seamaster watch comes with a formidable price tag. Some consumers may be deterred from buying their brand-new watch due to the price they would have to pay. The good news is you can eventually sell your watch secondhand for others to be able to own their own Omega Seamaster at a lower price. So before you make any purchase, here are some things that you should know.

Examples of Prices of Omega Seamaster Watches for Men

Each Seamaster watch model is unique in aesthetic design and the application of technology. That is one reason that the price per men’s watch model may differ from the prices for the other men’s watch models. So there is quite a vast range of watch model prices to consider if all you’re going on is the budget you have in mind. You have to look for other ways of assessing the watches’ value. You might be interested in spending even a hefty Omega Seamaster price because it is a worthwhile investment. 

A better way of gauging the price for your preferred Seamaster is to examine the features of the watch itself first. For instance, check for the depth at which your Omega Seamaster can reach underwater. One model for the men’s watches under the Seamaster Automatic Chronometer watch series allows for water-resistant diving to a depth of 1000 feet. The price for this brand new Seamaster Automatic Chronometer watch can reach $5,200. You may use this as your benchmark price when comparing other prices for the same watch model from other merchants.

So, if you plan to sell your Seamaster Automatic Chronometer watch, you can simply trim off part of the original price so that you will still get back part of your initial investment. You might, if you wanted to, sell this $5,200 watch for just $4,500. That’s a big chunk of savings for anyone looking for that kind of watch secondhand. As long as the watch is still in excellent condition, you can expect others to clamor to buy your Omega Seamaster watch.

Examples of Prices of Omega Seamaster Watches for Ladies

There is also a significant difference between the pricing of the men’s watches and the price range for ladies watches, all under the Seamaster watch series. Generally, the men’s watches in this line are significantly more expensive than the ladies’ watches. As with the previous example, a men’s watch is priced at $5,200 for brand new retail. Yet a brand new ladies’ watch under the Seamaster Aqua Terra series could be priced at retail at just $2,750.

The discrepancy could be simply due to the ladies’ watches being much smaller, using fewer materials during manufacturing. One part of the ladies’ watches that can drive up the price is whether the bracelet is made of metal or just a leather or rubber strap. This particular Seamaster Aqua Terra ladies watch series uses stainless steel predominantly with some sapphire and silver components. Though the watch is still quite pricey, you can expect to have eager buyers if you lower your price for a second-hand unit to just $1,900. Naturally, if your ladies watch is still in good condition, that means that you can be picky about whom you want to sell it to.

Why Some Omega Seamaster Watches Are Priced Steeply

Other models of the Seamaster line are even more expensive than these when brand new. A good example is the Seamaster Specialities The 1957 Trilogy Set Limited Edition 557 Automatic Black Dial Steel Men’s Watch which can retail for up to a whopping $21,800 online. This particular item is so steeply priced because it is a Limited Edition, meaning only a finite number is produced by the Omega company. Each watch has 35 jewels set in place, too, which contributes to the elevation of the price tag. Simply put, this makes the watch a collector’s item that will command a greater price than other Seamaster watches that are not deemed collector’s items yet.

Take note that the law of supply and demand is in place here. This means if all the other Limited Edition series men’s watches disappear into thin air and you’re the only one left who has one of these watches, then you can ask for any price range you want, and there will be takers. That is why these watches are an excellent way to invest. As long as the Limited Edition item is in pristine condition, you are wearing a neat little treasure on your wrist that you can eventually sell secondhand for a much higher price than it originally went for.

Why You Ought To Invest in a Seamaster Watch

It would be nice to assume that all customers who invest in a Seamaster watch buy these to look nice during a momentous occasion. In reality, though, some people make it their side hustle to buy and sell luxury designer watches. As long as each item is in virgin condition, meaning they were never used by anyone or previously owned by any person, then the watch prices can be fitted with a sizable markup in the market. This allows the initial investor to profit by a lot just by buying and selling Seamaster watches.

So, if you have enough contacts in your social circles interested in luxury designer watches, this would be a tidy little business you could spend your time engaging in. You would just need to make sure that you receive your payment and customers have no complaints about the product. The more in-demand the Seamaster is, the higher the profit margin. And eventually, you might even put up your website specializing in selling luxury designer watches secondhand to the public so that you can profit consistently for a long time. Don’t know where to find one? You can check out WatchShopping now!

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