The Ultimate Business Guide To Corporate Gifting in 2k21

Creating a fruitful relationship with clients, prospects, employees, and business partners can be challenging. You need to have a sound gifting plan to bring a smile to every gift recipient. The gift size and pricing are deciding factors, but how well you customize it matters the most.

Corporate gifts are seeing new trends after the pandemic. However, conventional and cliched gifting options, creativity, innovation, and wellness inspire the gifting process more. The focus is on finding novel and flexible gift options. Here are a few things to consider before sending corporate gifts to people who matter the most. 

Think Personalization. 

Personalized gifts go a long way in cementing a business relationship. Any corporate gifting program should revolve around the following points:

  • The goal and the desired outcome
  • Budget support that brings impactful results and ROI
  • Good branding that makes gifting purposeful and valuable   

When planning bespoke gifts, you can explore live plants and indulgent treats. Gifting tickets and experiences can elevate personalized gifts to a whole new level.

Know Your Gift Recipients’ Unique Needs.

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There are many run-of-the-mill gifts in the digital and direct marketing space. If you want to break the clutter, stretch your imagination to create a unique gifting experience. There are many unique gifting options you can try:

  • Nostalgic items like a Polaroid camera or Virtual Reality headsets
  • Quirky wall items like a magnetic perpetual wall calendar 
  • Technology-friendly adjustable tablet holder stand
  • A digital subscription to Netflix or Disney Star   

Your recipients’ web presence and social media profiles can help you know the unique corporate gift just right for gifting. Such gifting options will drop a hint of how well the corporate firm values its employees’ and partners’ tastes. Donor Signs’ donor wall ideas are a great option to express gratitude to partners and sponsors.

Honor Professional Milestones Of Employees.

Valuing the performance of people associated with you is a big thing. Gifting rewards and incentives to employees (past and present) help express your appreciation for their time and effort. Think out-of-the-box ideas to recognize their talent and worth. 

  • Sponsor their participation in a high-level business conference involving stakeholders
  • Gift a staycation to the employee
  • Gift a health membership to a luxury spa 

Recognize the deserving employees in your organization for their contribution and proactive approach and assign gift options for reaching department goals.

Plan Out Work From Home Gifts.

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With many employees working remotely after the global pandemic, virtual workers are here to stay. Corporate gifts need to have a spark of wellness and motivation to keep the working spirit high. Remote teams need more digital health and wellness programs to help them tackle mental stress and anxiety and overcome cervical and spinal pain and fat bulges. You can consider these gift options: 

  • Essential oils for aromatherapy massage
  • Neck Pillow to relieve your remote workers from neck stress and pain
  • Digital Wellness Gift cards such as a healthy food and fitness subscription  
  • Low-maintenance succulent plants to brighten up your workers’ rooms
  • Headphones for hands-free mobile call receiving and noise-free team conferencing
  • Scented Candles to soothe the mind  
  • Special enrolment to online classes on a course of your remote workers’ choice

Eco-Friendly Ideas To Inspire Green Thinking.  

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Plastic culture and accumulated waste is clogging land, air, and water bodies. Industrial wastes and the greenhouse effect are destroying Planet Earth’s existence. Sending sustainable gifts can help promote the company’s commitment to repurposed gift ideas. Here are some nature-friendly gift options to save our Earth.

  • Organic bags and pouches
  • Desk lamps made from recycled wood
  • Recyclable paper clips 
  • Eco-friendly and ethical office stationery (pencils, pens, labels, and stickers)
  • Compostable trash bags
  • Biodegradable packing
  • Solar USB chargers and pocket lights 
  • Recycled plastic lunch boxes

Sending eco-friendly gifts to your employees and associates not only brings uniqueness to the gift-quality, but it also helps reduce carbon footprint and green your company. Take this corporate gift gesture many levels up by printing a pocket-friendly information booklet on living an eco-friendly day at work.    

Tips On Corporate Gift Presentation

Nothing can beat a meaningful corporate present. While novelty gifts stay in mind, adding a creative touch can boost the impact. Here are some points to ponder:

  • Research the most important events and festivals of your employees and partners and send them gifts correspondingly. For Thanksgiving Day, explore wine, chocolates, nuts as possible gift options.
  • Sending gifts at an unexpected time may create more impact, a sense of belonging, and higher satisfaction. Gifting when everybody else is doing it might not make a personalized feeling. Time your corporate giving thoughtfully.
  • Follow a gift management process to avoid last-minute difficulties and delays. After corporate gifts’ compilation, consider penning a hand-written note for each gift to be hand-delivered.
  • Send corporate gifts to the recipients’ business address rather than the home address to avoid any misinterpretation.

Wrapping Up  

In 2021, corporate gift-giving may present new challenges considering the pandemic impact. Think beyond traditional gifts this time. Now that most gift shopping is happening online, tie-up with online brands to gift your corporate staff. Explore and consider new ways of corporate gifting, such as flexible employee rewarding schemes to create a meaningful and lasting impression. 

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