Best in 2021: Online Business Ideas That Can Succeed

The world has rubbed through sea changes in 2020. And these changes also affected the business sector. During the pandemic, entrepreneurs faced great difficulties; many have been forced to close down or transfer their businesses online. Therefore, today, when starting a business, people first of all pay attention to the possibilities of the network. This is pretty justified – it’s cheaper to launch a business on the Internet, and easier for such a project to survive difficulties like a worldwide lockdown.

Today we will tell you what types of online businesses can become potentially successful in 2021.


Podcasts are audio or video files that cover one broad topic or a set of related topics. Podcasts are gaining popularity, so 2021 is a good time to dip your toe.

Making your own podcast requires preparation and investment – you need to buy high-quality equipment (microphones, tripods, editing software, etc.), and also spend a lot of money on content development and podcast promotion.

There are three ways to make a profit from such a business – take money for a subscription, collect donations or upload ads. 

Creating a personal blog or news website

Blogging is quickly becoming popular and profitable. This activity is on the verge of a hobby, self-employment, and business. Today even universities are introducing disciplines about blogging.

There are many websites where you can start blogging. If you want to shoot a video, YouTube will suit you best, delve into Instagram if you’re good at pics, and in case you adore writing texts, choose Medium or Ghost. 

You can also create a cool news website that will differ from the formats of other similar resources. And you can monetize it with a subscription.

Coaching or online courses

Each of us knows a specific topic, and this knowledge can be sold on the Internet. Earnings depend on professionalism, marketing, and your area of ​​expertise.

The competition in coaching is strong enough, so don’t skimp on the launch. Gather a team of real professionals who will help you shoot, edit and promote your lessons.

Technical support service, provision of remote consultations

This is a great idea for those who are good at computers. For many people, the computer is still something weird. You can launch technical support by phone. Your task is to provide consulting services and resolve technical issues remotely.

This scheme can be easily adapted, for example, for drivers who need help on the road. 

Logo studio

If you are a creative person who understands design, knows how to work with the appropriate programs, and has artistic skills, you can make money creating logos.

By the way, you can develop a corporate identity: business cards, letterhead, etc.

Final words

There are a lot of online business options. A person of any employment, with any skills and knowledge, will be able to find a suitable business on the Internet.

First, you need to identify your strengths and interests. Many novices when starting a business are guided only by the level of expected profitability. But this is a big mistake: as practice shows, in the right hands, even the simplest business idea can bring a decent profit.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.