How To Choose The Right Marquee Sizes For Optimal Branding

Branding efforts come in all sorts and conditions with one goal: aid a business to success. To be more visible to your desired audience, reaching out to them and presenting your products and services is an excellent marketing strategy. However, it’s not as easy to accomplish if you don’t have the right branding tools. In this article, you’ll learn how to use marquees to boost your brand’s visibility and sales.  

Marquees And Their Branding Importance 

Marquees are portable lodging similar to 20 x 40 frame tent, made with strong cloth supported by steel poles. Due to its large size and strength compared to regular tents, marquees are used for various outdoor purposes, such as hosting personal and corporate events.  

Marquees can be a valuable tool for your business branding if used appropriately. As a portable venue for presenting your brand, it can be the best tool to showcase everything your business has to offer. To make your marquees stand out from any location, it’s worth investing in custom branded marquees.  

Choosing the right marquee sizes for your branding is much more challenging than you’d imagine. Also, a large marquee isn’t always the answer. In fact, if you ask manufacturers that specialize in high-quality marquees, you might that find most of them recommends two marquees over one large marquee. 

That said, if you’re using marquees as part of your custom-branding, it’ll help to know the perfect size and number of marquees that’ll work best for what you need. Here are four tips to help you with that:  

  1. Determine Your Setup and Accommodation  

Marquees present many uses for business advertising, including a perfect venue solution for hosting guests in a trade show. The marquee’s size is an essential aspect that’ll dictate how much you can fit inside it, including your setup, equipment, and guests. With the right marquee size, you can transform your branding setup however you’d like it to be— fill it up with your product offers and merchandise, host a large number of guests, or both.  

If your business is participating in a special event, and you’re given a limited space to set up your marquee, don’t forget to factor in other branded materials you’ll set up along the marquee. For example, you should choose a marquee smaller than your actual space if you plan to install signage, inflatable tube man, and additional branded decorations. 

Also, you’ll have to keep future purposes in mind when finding the right marquee size. You may need the biggest marquee right now for a huge event, but will you be able to find another use for it in the future? An experienced owner would recommend a connected marquee instead of a spacious one.  

  1. Know The Weather In Advance 

Compared to an indoor location, you’re more exposed to environmental elements in a marquee. Assessing the weather on the day of your planned event can significantly help you choose the best marquee size. To keep your staff, guests, and business paraphernalia safe, it’s crucial to select a marquee size that can withstand harsh weather elements like strong winds and extreme heat.  

To fight off strong winds, you should opt for smaller, durable marquees than larger ones. A smaller marquee will have a smaller surface area, thus requiring less support from its legs, and the roof will exert less pressure on the entire structure against strong winds. If you need enough space to accommodate your staff and guests, you may set up multiple marquees of smaller sizes to ensure their safety. 

Moreover, you should note the extreme heat during the summer months. Larger marquees are more advantageous in your case as they can provide a larger shade and cover. Also, don’t forget to have your marquee side cover customized with a sun protection feature.  

Since your custom branded marquees are crafted well ahead of an event, you can’t precisely predict the weather. Hence, it’s safer to assume that your marquee will encounter both these weather conditions, allowing you to prepare the right countermeasures.  

  1. Look Into Your Desired Level of Customization  

As emphasized earlier, marquees are an excellent branding tool, thanks to their size and customizability. If you want to communicate your brand better, treat every part of your marquee as an advertisement displaying your logo, products, services, projects, milestones, and the like. Therefore, your desired level of branding design should help you choose the best marquee size.  

For example, if you want to display compelling photos of your products and customer reviews, it’s worth choosing a larger marquee with customized side and back covers. Some businesses also have their brand avatars, which can be displayed as standees or printed on signages. If you’d like to set up a small corner on your marquee where people can take pictures, your marquee’s size should fit them accordingly.  

Before consumers enter a specific store or booth, they’d want to get as much information as possible. Displaying your branding on the marquee will help customers know more about your business.  

  1. Keep Ease Of Transportation In Mind  

Promoting your brand offline almost always means traveling to different places to introduce your business to potential customers, particularly in trade shows and fairs. For convenient and stress-free long-distance travel, you’d want to take your marquees’ sizes into account and how your team will be able to transport them efficiently. 

While larger businesses can easily solve ease of transportation by hiring shipping experts, it’s an essential factor to keep in mind if you’ll only rely on your employees.  

The Bottom Line: Let Your Marquee Leave A Mark 

When incorporating the use of marquees into your promotional campaigns, there’s no black-and-white size for optimal branding. However, your business’s branding needs, circumstances, and preferences, as well as these tips discussed, will help you decide the best marquee sizes that’ll leave an impression. 

June McGown