Bay Area IT: 6 Reasons Managed IT Services Are Ideal for Startups

Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the world and a hotbed of tech startups. Entrepreneurs who dream of making their mark in the world of high-tech want to take advantage of the extensive benefits and resources Silicon Valley has to offer.

With so many tech startups competing for business space, creative employees, and investment, it is no wonder that Silicon Valley has an IT infrastructure that is unmatched. And what better way to take advantage of the great Silicon Valley resources than by working with a managed IT services provider.

Here is a comprehensive list of reasons that managed IT services are ideal for startups in Silicon Valley.

1) Ignited adoption

Startups only have a short window of opportunity to generate initial growth and revenue in order to maintain their competitive advantage. If startups and entrepreneurs cannot make a strong impression in a short period of time, their chances of achieving their goals in the near term are likely to be greatly reduced.

Technology is the foundation for startup success, which is why high-tech startups in Silicon Valley need to rely on IT support in San Francisco, and business process solutions to help them grow and maintain their competitive edge.

2) Reduced time to market

This is a common misconception of startups in Silicon Valley, but one that is probably widely shared among entrepreneurs across the rest of the U.S. With innovations in hardware and software, coupled with the use of various agile methodologies, startups are rapidly developing software, hardware and other IT solutions that are now on the market and into production.

This rapid development and the necessary technical support are great examples of the benefits of using managed IT services.

Additionally, smaller IT support groups are typically more agile and innovative in their approach. The organizations that are succeeding in the world of high-tech in Silicon Valley are ones that have such dedicated IT support groups that are dedicated to helping startups grow and develop their solutions.

3) Increased agility and cost-effectiveness

When startups have managed IT services on their side, they are empowered to take more initiative and make more informed decisions that ultimately help them to deliver superior customer service and increased value to their customers.

This helps them to differentiate themselves and attract new customers, which ultimately brings in additional revenue and customer base.

4) Reduced downtime

Startups need all the help they can get when it comes to minimizing IT downtime. This is a tremendous cost for startups and startups should take all the measures they can to minimize downtime and keep their employees on the move.

Managed IT services can significantly reduce IT downtime and improve employee morale by helping to reduce the amount of downtime.

5) Increased success rate in M&A

Due to Silicon Valley’s proximity to prominent tech companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, startups have much more opportunity to merge with successful companies in the tech sector, which helps to increase the likelihood of them being acquired.

The potential for acquiring companies in Silicon Valley is huge, as there are companies in many industries that need businesses in the high-tech industry and who also need to acquire startups.

6) Increased vendor satisfaction

When startups are able to work closely with a managed IT service provider, they are able to better understand and establish better relationships with their vendors, resulting in an improved customer experience. When vendors are more satisfied with the managed IT services they provide, they will likely provide higher-quality services that are more cost-effective to startups.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.