What is a Pass Plus Course (and Who Could Benefit from Pass Plus)?

Most everyday motorists consider Pass Plus an optional extra. If not, superfluous to their requirements and an expense best avoided.

Meanwhile, road safety experts and driving instructors across the board see Pass Plus as quite the opposite. For anyone looking to become a safer and more confident driver, Pass Plus should be considered mandatory.

But what many fail to realise is how Pass Plus can only be taken within the first year after passing your practical driving test. After which, it is no longer an option.

Pass Plus is aimed at newly qualified drivers for the tragic reason that one in five serious or fatal car accidents are caused by young or inexperienced drivers.  A motorist’s likelihood of being involved in an accident is at its highest during the first two years after passing their tests.

This is where Pass Plus comes in – a secondary driving course to help newly qualified drivers become safer and more confident road users.

How Does Pass Plus Work?

Contrary to popular belief, Pass Plus does not involve any formal examination.  It is simply a course of specialist driving lessons that must last at least six hours.  During which, you will be taken through a series of more ‘challenging’ driving encounters in order to help you negotiate all road conditions with confidence.

Pass Plus can be particularly beneficial in busy cities like Manchester, where driving conditions can be particularly taxing. But even if you live out in the countryside, you can still benefit from Pass Plus; not least because most insurers offer discounts of up to 25% for those with the Pass Plus qualification.

What Does Pass Plus Involve?

The course itself comprises six modules, but how long needs to be spent on each module will differ from one driver to the next.

A brief overview of what is involved in the Pass Plus course is as follows:

•       Module 1 – Town Driving. If you passed your test in Manchester, you will already have some experience driving in a busy city centre. If not, this module will provide you with the perfect opportunity to polish your urban driving skills and boost your confidence.

•       Module 2 – All Weather. This often takes place more as a discussion than a practical encounter, as it is impossible to control (or even predict) the weather. But if adverse weather hits at the right time, you will be taken out and about in the thick of it.

•       Module 3 – Out of Town / Rural Driving.  An essential module that focuses on the often overlooked hazards of rural driving, examples of which include blind corners, hill crests, crossing animals, flooded roads and slow-moving vehicles like tractors.

•       Module 4 – Night Driving.  A cause of major anxiety for millions of motorists, driving at night can be particularly stressful. However, getting behind the wheel with a professional for a driving lesson at night can be just the thing to build confidence.

•       Module 5 – Dual Carriageways. Most conventional driver tuition courses will include at least some dual carriageway driving. But as it is not usually covered at length, a full Pass Plus module is dedicated to dual carriageways.

•       Module 6 – Motorways. While conventional driving lessons can include motorway driving, it is not typically a major component of a standard driving course. Hence, almost any newly qualified driver could benefit from a dedicated motorway driving lesson. A useful extra to build the skills and confidence needed to drive safely on fast-moving motorways.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the benefits of Pass Plus in more detail, contact Adams Driver Trainer today.

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